“Now is the time …”

“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” That phrase is etched in the minds of many Americans as an early tool in gaining mastery of the typewriter keyboard.  Today, the computer age has produced typing “students” well before the standard typing classes of the past. The skill of typing is entrenched into the minds of many today without this well-known phrase.

However, now IS the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.  Above and beyond the stellar sacrifices millions are making to put on the uniform and risk life and limb to defend the republic under force of arms.  Above and beyond the men and women who patrol our streets and put out our fires.  Above and beyond all the professionals who stay up late tending to the sick and mending our wounds.

Our country is in desperate need of aid.  The country is certainly under attack from outside elements. More importantly, our country is under attack from within. We are way off-track. We are taking water.  We are broke.  We are culturally sick.  We are awash in fear.  What are the indications?  How about an economy in the tank?  How about a staggering debt?  And more coming.  How about a nuclear North Korea, or Iran?  How about two wars?  How about unfettered Islamic Extremist terrorism?  How about a pathetic government education system? How about a culture that calls evil good and good evil.

For the first 170 years of the Republic, solutions to the problems of mankind in the United States were the responsibility of the individual, the entrepreneur, the neighborhood, the church community, the city, the state…  That’s where it stopped.  The purview of the Federal Government was the defense of the Republic and the regulation of interstate commerce, both powers granted by the Constitution.  Under this scenario, the people of the United States fought, and won, numerous wars, struggled to keep the Union together, expanded the borders of the nation, founded the National Parks, invented the light bulb and numerous other culture changing devices, and led the way for the technologies of the future.

In other parts of the world, peoples were being told that if they would just place themselves into the hands of the beneficent, intelligent few, then their futures would be secure. “Just give up your future to our leadership and guidance and you will be assured all the best we can provide. History has taught, and continues to teach us, that by giving power to the few always results in the dissolution of the liberty of the many. The economic results are the many having less and less and less while the ruling class lives in luxury.

Today, there is an ever-growing virus of this same elitist, socialist mentality attempting to seize control over our country.  Since the 1930’s the Federal Government has taken over utilities, social security, health insurance for seniors, funding for housing, funding for infants, funding for public education, feeding children at school, guaranteeing college loans, mortgage financing, bailing out insurance companies, bailing out car companies, propping up labor unions, and funding community organizing entities.   All of these overreach the authority of the founding and controlling document of the Republic, the Constitution of the United States.  We have allowed this to happen because there has been some specific personal or group benefit to us to cede our freedom to the Federal monolith.  We have been told that some national crisis demands that the Federal Government “take over” something in order to save us from certain destruction.  Really!?

Here is the message: Instead of seeing the American experience as that with which we have grown up, we need to look back to the Founders and Signers.  These men of genius had researched the numerous forms of government tried through the ages and, having lived under the thumb of a King, pounded out a structure for men to govern themselves with the weakest Federal Government possible, leaving the bulk of the responsibility for governing to the individual states.  Their desire to keep the Federal Government as small and weak as possible almost cost them the nation in the War of 1812.  However, the structure the Founders put into place allowed them to right the ship without giving more power to the Federal Government than was warranted by the Constitution.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country by saying “no!”  When Washington asks for more than is allowed by the Constitution, we need to say “no!”  When many among us whine for more “stuff” at the hands of the Federal Government (read, the taxpayers), we need to say “no!”  When alarmists claim that the problems that face us can only be solved by the Federal Government, we need to say “no!”  In fact, we need to review the things the Federal Government does to which we have become accustomed and apply the acid test of the Constitution to them.  If they do not fit then we MUST quit them.

That’s the kind of aid our country really needs. Our future depends upon it.  Our children are waiting for us to act.


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One Response to ““Now is the time …””

  1. nicanor Says:

    Great article. I’ll be watching for more.

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