Federal Government = Munchausen by Proxy

Several months ago, President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Immanuel, announced to the world what patriots all over America have known for years; that Democrat Statists revel in using crises to grab more power over the American people. His words, “You wouldn’t want to let a crisis go to waste” were followed by his assessment that there are things that you could not normally enact that you can move ahead more quickly under crises situations.

Such would be immoral even if it were being done without intent. But there is an intent to steal liberty from the American people in the name of “helping” them. Case in point: a banking crisis that is limiting the ability of people to borrow money to start businesses, hire people, construct facilities, etc. In order to solve this “crisis”, the government seizes banks and other insurance institutions, borrows billions of dollars from the Chinese and American citizens yet to vote or even be born, prints billions of dollars and “invests’ them in the solution. Their claim: “Why, if we did nothing, the financial system would have collapsed!” Really? The people at Lehman Brothers are still waiting for their check.

Sadly, the financial failures were caused by the Federal Government forcing banks to lend money to people who either never intended to pay back the loans or were not able to pay them back in the first place. Lending institutions that would normally not lend risky money were bullied into it by the Federal Government threatening them with investigations based upon their refusals to lend to minorities, etc., never mind that these people could not qualify. Senators and Representatives (read Chris Dodd and Barney Frank) leading their respective Banking Committees, not only looked the other way when presented the facts by the federal watchdogs overseeing these institutions, but actually leveled charges against their own watchdogs.

Enter the rescuers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, governmental organizations that were more than happy to buy up all the bad “paper” created by this lending debacle and then selling additional financial products that had no real asset value except the paper on which they were printed. No structure can exist without a foundation. Many inside and outside government warned of this impending collapse. When the piper came to call, the taxpayers got to pay the price.

This is Munchausen by Proxy government. Munchausen by Proxy is a psychological disorder where an individual in a position of a “first responder” (parent, nurse, doctor, policeman, firemen) causes an emergency, rides in at the last minute to solve it and gains kudos from the unsuspecting public for doing their “duty” and being a hero. It is the same situation in our government. Those responsible for the financial debacle are being given cover by the “government-controlled” media while they craft a new message to grab more power for the Federal Government in the name of “helping” us. Most individuals doing this in the private sector are caught and prosecuted. Dodd and Frank act like they are spectators and rush in to craft a plan to “fix” these institutions. The inmates are running the asylum!

I do not want their “help”. I want them to get the heck out of the way and let the market correct itself. Stop sticking your hand into the public “piggybank” in order to further your own egoistic agenda. The only surgery that needs to be done here is the immediate removal of the political “parasites” that feed on the economic blood of the American worker. I think the American people have finally diagnosed this political Munchausen by Proxy. The Massachusetts Senate race will be one of the first convictions.


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