The Mood of Massachusetts

Even before the governor’s races in New Jersey and Virginia were held, there was palpable discontent brewing in the nation over the Democrat Party’s over-reaching policies being moved through both houses of Congress.

  • The Stimulus Bill money was never fully distributed and the results reveal it as nothing more than a total waste of the taxpayers money.
  • The House and Senate attempt to take over one sixth of the economy through the Health Insurance legislation.
  • The bailout bills for auto and insurance companies leave the people with a billion dollar tab.
  • The House passed “Cap and Trade” energy legislation designed to increase energy costs for every American household.
  • It seems that the people appear to be done with this direction. We were assured this would not the case by the Democrat Party.

And so, New Jersey and Virginia voters went to the polls and effected a more than double-digit reversed course from twelve months previous and elected Conservatives to their Governor’s mansions. A Conservative came within a hair of winning New York House District 23. And now, the unthinkable looms.

With the Senate and House lurking behind closed doors attempting to ram health care insurance down the throats of a recalcitrant public who has already made it clear that it does not want this liberty-killing bill, Massachusetts voters go to the polls to choose a replacement for the late Ted Kennedy. The very Senator who lived a life of privilege, escaping a manslaughter rap as his best case scenario, who would never have to suffer the indignities of the bill he championed, who had made it his life’s work to steal health care choice from the public, stood to lose the seat he vacated through death. The critical 60th vote that would ensure the passage of this legislation was being stolen right out from under his tombstone by the very people who served up more election day victories for him than most Senators in history.

What are we to make of this? If we listen to the Democrat spin doctors, you would hear that this election was no big deal and totally unrelated to the Health Care legislation. Closer inspection reveals that the Democrat, Martha Coakley, was leading by 30 points. That is, until Scott Brown, the Republican challenger, made the following remark the very center of his campaign; “I will be the 41st vote against the Health Care bill.” Since then, this race has now become a dead heat and the Democrat spin machine is out of gas.

It appears that even the people of Massachusetts have had their fill of this assault on liberty. It was one thing for Senator Kennedy to espouse the platitudes of caring for the whole country for little or nothing. It was another thing for the citizens of Massachusetts to get a sneak preview of government-run health care courtesy of the Romney era plan that caused private insurance rates to go up 20%, decreased access to services, allowed illegals to gain access to the system, and failed to cover the people it was supposed to cover. And so, when Scott Brown presented himself as the brake on a future national health care debacle, the citizens of Massachusetts got busy making the point that the Democrat spin doctors cannot bring themselves to say…their own progressive policies are now under assault.


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