Is this district truly unwinnable?

As I sit in the living room with my family, taking a break from emails, meetings, blog postings, and many other tasks, I cannot help but feel extremely proud of our nation tonight.

Watching the results come in from the Special Senate election in Massachusetts, I cannot help but wonder if our cause is not fully confirmed. In a district that has gone to the Democrat party since 1875 (yes, that’s right – the last Republican sat in the 5th District during reconstruction),  we have a chance to help make history for America.

If Scott Brown can overcome a 35+ point deficit in one of the most Democrat-heavy states in the union, this district CAN be won by a conservative. Let’s make it happen.



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One Response to “Is this district truly unwinnable?”

  1. nicanor Says:

    “This was one of the best votes I ever cast.”

    That’s what our congressman Jim Cooper says about his vote for the house version of health care reform. Read the entire interview at because it get’s worse.

    If the citizens of Massachusetts can wake up and say NO, then this district is also winnable.

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