A response to Rep. Cooper’s guest editorial

Recently, 5th District Tennessee Congressman Jim Cooper wrote a guest editorial on President Obama’s successes for the year.


I’d like to commend Rep. Cooper for attempting to find something noteworthy that the President has accomplished. He praised the President for the great responsibility he has to “take care of” the American people. I believe we must remind our congressman that the American people are the most resilient people in the world. We do not need someone to take care of us. Rather, we would prefer to be left alone to conduct business and commerce.

Rep. Cooper praised the President for following the advice of his General in Afghanistan and sending additional troops. Let’s be clear on this matter. Obama sent the General to make these decisions. The General actually needed more troops and waited three months for a decision about his request.Rep. Cooper praised the President‘s support of Charter Schools and “helping” to raise high school graduation rates. Conservatives have been supporting Charter Schools for decades, despite the opposition of the Teacher’s Union. Cooper forgot to ask those Washington, D.C. students who just lost their voucher options at the hand of this “education” president. As for graduation rates, Tennessee students have not gotten the word. Cooper maintains this policy triumph has been ignored because of the health care debate. In Tennessee, we are not ignoring it. We just can’t find it.

Rep. Cooper should check his economic facts. “The recession we are in is the worst since the great Depression.” That makes for salacious copy, but it is factually wrong. This economic downturn is the worst since the recession of the Carter Years, the “misery index”, etc. I clearly remember my first mortgage at 15.75% and long gas lines and massive unemployment. The Reagan tax cuts (as they always do) led the nation out of this government- initiated situation.

Rep. Cooper, thank you for checking in with us here in Tennessee through an editorial column. I hope you will consider meeting with a group of your constituents in an open forum so that we can explain to you how we feel our current President is performing in office.

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