We’re sticking with the game plan…

This past week in The State of the Union Address, the “Quarterback” relayed the game plan for the second quarter.
He spent time criticizing the General Manager and the scouting team and the people who drafted the players he inherited. Completely ignoring the pathetic drive he led in the first quarter, he complained about the players and the spotters who fought each other during the offensive effort. With the other offense driving the ball down the field in New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts, he saw nothing to applaud. Down 21-0 in three minutes of play, he called the team to the audacity of “I hope we can score with this same playbook.”

Having reminded the crowd that he loves the game and wants to bring a new interest in the possible outcome, he went to the huddle and called all the same plays he called during the first unsuccessful quarter. “Take over health care, on two. Ready, Break!” “Blame the opposition for our failures, on one.” “Fool the people with man-made climate change Cap and Trade, on three.” “Increase federal spending, ignore balancing the budget.” “Phone China for more cash, on four.” “Overload our children with trillions more debt.” Same old plays, same old results. To top it all off, he called an audible, “Openly gays in the military, on one.”

Even former President Clinton knew that you could not demagogue the American people by blaming the other side all the time for your failures. Our current President is such an ideologue he cannot possibly keep his team on the field during the second half. In fact, he begged them not to defect. An unlikely outcome. But his biggest mistake of all? He forgot about the twelfth man, the American people. His narcissism continues to drown out the boos wafting through the stadium. But his hearing is not what matters. When the moving trucks roll onto the White House grounds in January of 2013, perhaps then he will understand that when the team continues to lose, no one fires the players. We fire the coach.


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One Response to “We’re sticking with the game plan…”

  1. Wes Says:

    We need to do something drastic at halftime. If our coach keeps calling the same plays he did in the first quarter, and his assistants don’t stand up to him, it’s going to get ugly really quickly.

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