Guest Post – a word from Jeff’s son

When my dad and I first began talking about the possibility of running for this office, I immediately offered to do whatever I could to help. I spent many nights working into the early morning hours researching past elections and outcomes, candidates and incumbents, etc. During these late nights, the more obvious issues began to take root in my mind. My dad has never been directly involved in the political process outside of being a consistent voter. My dad is not a man of overt name recognition in Nashville. My dad is not a self-made millionaire with loads of cash to spend on a campaign. My family is not one connected at the highest levels of income nor do my parents run in the “social” circles of Nashville.

However, my family has traveled a road upon which few have journeyed. This can best be described as a road of sacrifice. My parents chose to homeschool all three of their children when it was highly unpopular and many questioned their reasoning.  When I was very young, my dad turned down an amazing job opportunity out West in order for us to remain close to our family in Tennessee and Georgia. It’s important to note that my parents love to snow-ski, so this was quite a sacrifice for them. My dad coached my baseball teams from the time I was 8 years old all the way through high school. He sacrificed work time and time with the rest of our family to do this. In my early years, my parents were very active foster parents in Georgia and Tennessee. With three young children of their own, this was an enormous sacrifice. My parents have mentored many young parents through church groups and other retreats.

Obviously my parents made sacrifices for me and my siblings.  They sacrificed for families that chose to homeschool their children as well and supported them with education options and athletics programs. They sacrificed for friends and others in need.

Let me be very clear: many have sacrificed for my family. We’ve been through our fair share of rough patches in life, and we were lifted up many times by our friends and family in ways I cannot express. But it is upon all of us to lift them up once more.

In order for him to pursue this run for Congress, he’s been told by many advisers and consultants that he must raise a substantial amount of money. Our family met and prayed about this and set a goal that we believe will affirm our decision to pursue this position. I am committed to this goal for him. I am asking that others follow suit and do as I do for him.

I realize that we just came through the holidays of 2009, and I realize that the state of our economy has a large number of Americans watching their bank accounts more closely that ever before. That being said, I am going to write my dad a check. I am asking each of you to do the same and ask your friends to do the same. This is too important a matter to sit on the sidelines and wait for someone else to move first.

In total honesty, I probably cannot afford to write this check. You may think that you cannot as well. However, I also know we cannot afford for our country to continue on its current trajectory toward absolute debt. Let’s all do the right thing and sacrifice for our future.

Wes Hartline


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