This past week, the Congressman for the 5th District of Tennessee, Jim Cooper, voted with the Democrat majority in the House to raise the debt ceiling for the Federal Government another $1.9 trillion. This will allow the government to borrow up to $14.3 trillion to pay for the activities of the burgeoning Federal monster. This is absolute insanity.
There is no economic model that suggests fiscal health is gained through borrowing more money to pay for things that continue to push more and more Americans into “Uncle Sam” generational dependency. We are borrowing to pay for things that show no palpable benefit to the country at large while only benefitting special interest groups that continue to pour millions into the campaign coffers of entrenched incumbents. Our grandchildren will be required to pay the bill for things that keep us vulnerable in the world, and we will have allowed it to happen.

We are like spoiled children who do not want to be told “no” when we want things we do not need. We continue to spend when we cannot afford the long-term obligations. Congressman Cooper, because you cannot say “no”, the voters are going to send someone from the 5th District who can say “no”, and often. In fact, their first “no” will be at the ballot box in November.


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