For Sale – The US Congress

With the economy performing so poorly many of us see “For Sale” signs everywhere. Homes, cars, politicians… The single largest “For Sale” sign in our country is hanging in the halls of the United States Capitol building. Having observed the Democrat Party negotiations (didn’t the President promise a new way of bipartisanship?) in the back rooms of the House and Senate (what happened to C-span?) where legislators maneuvered through the hordes of lobbyists (I thought we were getting rid of those guys?) and making deals with Drug Companies, Insurance Companies, Unions, and making special deals with the recalcitrant Senators Landrieu and Nelson, we have reached a new low in the history of the Republic.

What in years past had been done in back rooms with a wink and a nod has been brought out into the open. It’s as if we are being told, “Yeah, that’s how the Congress works. So What. You’ll complain for a while, but you’ll vote us all back in.” This legislative prostitution is repugnant to the casual observer. The voters have sent the first shot through the bow via Massachusetts and they have told the McCain “clone” Charlie Crist in Florida that he will be a loser in the Florida Senate race to a real Conservative, Marco Rubio.

The voters are awake in the 5th District of Tennessee. They have observed their “blue dog” Democrat Congressman vote for Cap and Trade, TARP, Bailouts, Government-run Health Care, deficit spending, increases in congressional pay with unemployment at 10% (with total underemployment as high as 18%), the escalation of Federal employment, and stimulus bills that only stimulate borrowing more money from China and printing more money, thus driving our economy further down, devaluing our dollar, and spiraling us toward massive inflation. “Blue Dog”, really?” How about a “New Dog”?

A “New Dog” that will bark when the lobbyists come around? A “New Dog” that will sniff out waste and inefficiency? A “New Dog” that will bite our enemies? A “New Dog” that will usher in a new “breed” of legislator who is not for sale but is the fiduciary “Watchdog” over the Republic? A “New Dog” that will stand guard over the liberty of the American people and chase off the Progressives who seek to enslave them? A “New Dog” who will sit at post to guard the lives and fortune of its citizens? A “New Dog” who will spend on what we truly need?

I am that “New Dog” and I am not for sale.


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