The only “Special Interest” group that matters…

Observing Congress over the past thirty years has led me to a singular conclusion: The government our Signers and Framers crafted has been prostituted by men and women seeking political power by catering to the wants of special interest groups. Whether they are Defense Contractors, Big Pharma, Big Energy, Environmentalists, Trials Lawyers, Unions, Auto Manufacturing, Insurance Companies, Banks, Investment Houses, or whatever, lawmakers have voted in the interests of these constituencies because they provide them big bucks and big power.

I certainly do not want to be “out of step.” Thus, I will be catering to my very own special interest group: the Constituents of the 5th District of Tennessee.  I believe constituents want the following things from their representative:

– a balanced Federal Budget

– a smaller Federal Government

– local control over the education of their children

– term limits for Congress (yes, the Senate and House)

– open debate in Congress

– Federal Government out of their day to day affairs

– Congress to abide by the laws it passes

– no more earmarks by any Party

– a secure border and legitimate immigration

– energy independence from foreign powers and continued innovation in nuclear and other form of energy

– Cap and Trade defeated

– true healthcare reforms without government interference and control

– to stop paying the bills for those who refuse to take responsibility for their decisions

– the finest Armed Forces in the world, ready to eliminate threats to America anywhere in the world

– to protect the right to Life

– a business friendly partner in government, that helps create jobs through small business tax-cuts and policy

– a fair tax policy where every American contributes something to the ongoing work of the country

– churches and other charitable organizations to care for those in need  in their community
If you want to know what it looks like to have a Congressman whose Special Interest Group is his or her voters, send me to Washington in November. I will make sure to remember that you are the ones that vote, no one else.


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One Response to “The only “Special Interest” group that matters…”

  1. marilyn Says:

    AMEN & AMEN!!! Go get ’em!!

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