Uncertainty Is The Birthplace of Liberty

We live in a time where there seem to be more questions than answers. In fact, there seem to be unanswerable questions and no answers. But things are not what they seem. You see, answers are fleeting for those who are always looking for someone else to solve their problems. Necessity truly is the mother of invention.
In an environment of liberty, unanswered questions create the drive to innovate, to be creative, to dissect the paradigms that restrict solutions, to challenge the self-serving among us, and to offer money-saving ideas that move a generation forward. In an environment of progressivism and burgeoning governmental control, unanswered questions create panic, fear, uncertainty, and the increased reliance upon someone outside ourselves to find solutions. This is the slippery slope that ends in tyranny. We are perilously close to the edge.

Liberty awaits the daring, the brash, the independent thinker, the outside-the-box creativist, the one willing to bet life on the outcome and be satisfied to sacrifice his/her own comfort for the betterment of succeeding generations. The Signers & Framers of the founding documents understood that they were betting their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor” on the table of liberty. The “I’m here from the government to help you” really is a Big Lie. I refuse to believe it. Are you with me?


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