And another Unconstitutional program is born…

This week, the President appointed a bipartisan commission to study the federal deficit and recommend ways to repair it. Several observations are in order as this “commission” gets underway.
First, the people have already elected a commission that deals with American budget problems: “The Congress”. If another commission is needed, then we must admit that the current “commission” has failed and is incapable of solving the problem.

Second, the “commission” is an executive reach. Congress is mandated by the Constitution to oversee the nation’s money, not the Executive Branch. The fact that we let the President send Congress a budget is a reach. If the President wants to do something about the deficit, use the veto pen.

Third, the Republican Party (the party of “fiscal discipline”) must validate itself, and then its members can stop legislating earmarks and start voting no on these budgets.

Fourth, this “commission” has no teeth and will waste more taxpayer money blabbing back and forth, holding press briefings and presenting things that the Congress could and should already have done, but did not have the will to do.

Fifth, this “commission” is deftly organized by the President to help him escape responsibility for going back on his pledge not to raise taxes on the middle class. Remember President Clinton’s tear-jerking conference after promising the same thing and going back on it. Obama can tell his admirers who are looking for cover on this, “It wasn’t my fault. They made me do it!”

Sixth, if the American people allow this ridiculous charade to move forward without pitching a fit, they get the result they deserve; more finger-pointing in the opposite direction and more rhetoric about how partisan the country is and why they cannot get anything done.

Why don’t we save time and money right now?

Mr. President, and members of Congress. Please stop spending money we do not have on programs we do not need to impress others who do not like us anyway. If you want to stem the tide of red ink, grow up and stop ruining the future of our children. Exercise some discipline. Call AA and have them come in and show you how it’s done. “Hello, I’m Barack and I’m a reckless spendaholic.”

That’s the first step to solving the problem. And then resign. All of you.

The real sadness here is that the American people have little to complain about since they continue to send the same knuckleheads to Washington to do exactly what they are doing, bring home the bacon. It is even more sad to realize that it is their own bacon they are frying.

Congress, just keep indulging in debt. The American voter is ready to fire you in November.


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