Flat Earth = Man-Made Climate Change

This week, it was revealed that the climatologists who were doing “scientific” research at the University of East Anglia on Anthropogenic Global Climate Change “cooked” the data. At least that is what many thought happened since they refused to release it and much of it has been deemed to have been destroyed. So much for scientific consensus. Short answer: Busted.
This reminds me of the hundreds of years that “scientific consensus” kept mariners within sight of land as they journeyed from their home ports. Everyone knew that the Earth was flat. Such a belief kept people huddled within the boundaries of the overbearing governments that sucked them of their desire for something better. The fact that where they were was all they would ever know crushed their pioneer spirit. What these monarchs did not know, what the Spanish figured out, was that there was “gold in them thar hills”. Economic opportunity was just over the horizon for those who operated based upon the facts. Not just Incan or Aztec gold, but the gold of liberty!

As of late, modern “monarchs” have attempted to use this “flat earth” mentality to once again enslave people and restrict their opportunity to reach new horizons. Under the guise of “scientific consensus”, they have urged us to reverse hundreds of years of economic progress and retreat to “monarch-controlled” energy mandates. Why? Because we are killing the planet. Really? The best laid plans of bureaucrats have been exposed as myth. The earth is not warming because of anything man is doing. And so, attempts to control behavior, industry, travel, growth are now being thrown off under the light of the new “Columbus”. Maybe we should create a new federal holiday and call it “East Anglia Day” to remind us of how gullible we can be.

In case you struggle with believing this, do some research to find out why that big island off the coast of Newfoundland is called Greenland. You can then say in the words of the great song by The Who, “we won’t get fooled again”.


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