The TN State Income Tax revisited

During former Governor Don Sundquist’s administration in Tennessee, he made a move to enact a state income tax. Despite a constitutional ban on such legislation, the Democrat legislature deemed it possible that the left-leaning State Supreme Court might “look the other way” in rendering the Constitution saying something opposite of what it actually said.

With a state sales tax approaching 10%, the citizens of Tennessee sprang into action. Combining a one-two talk radio punch with an angered citizenry, new interests groups rose up and organized specifically to beat back this tax. Angry lines of horn-honking Volunteers circled the Capitol for days demanding the Lawmakers “stand down” and yield to the wishes of the constituents. The poor horn in our minivan gave out after three short hours.

And what, pray tell, urged citizens to rally in this way? “It’s the economy, stupid.” These wise words from James Carville served as the impetus for all the hullabaloo. People voted their pocketbooks. The taxpayers of Tennessee, faced with wasteful spending and more money being confiscated from them for more wasteful spending, descended en masse on the Capitol and literally frightened the Legislature to drop the matter. There was no election looming, just sheer fear. Interesting concept. (Sidenote: The Democrat-controlled Legislature passed a law after the fact banning such displays of dissent. That’s a real First Amendment problem.)

Now we are back again, only on a national level. An unpopular Congress is attempting to pass an unpopular bill requested by an unpopular President and the American people are not having it. Months and months of grassroots organized groups, marches on Washington, and angry town hall meetings have moved this discussion into the most partisan national debate ever. At the point when this legislation seemed to be dead, the President bullied his way ahead, demanding legislators sacrifice their careers on the altar of his ego.

Does this national discontent translate into political and financial support for quality candidates seeking to oust supporters of this liberty-killing legislation? To answer this query for yourself, go to our website and click the “Contributions” tab. Honk to your heart’s content.


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