Sen. Jim Bunning – a man of the People

If you’ve been watching the news over the past week, it’s likely that you’ve heard about Senator Jim Bunning, R-KY and his one-man revolution in the Senate. While the President and members of the House and Senate were arguing over Health Care reform, Bunning was standing up for the American taxpayer.

If you aren’t aware, allow me to attempt to sum it up. In January, the Senate & House passed legislation requiring any legislation that spends taxpayer dollars (that would be ALL legislation) to be subject to a philosophy known as “Pay-Go.” This would require any new legislation to be paid for with cuts elsewhere in the budget, or the legislation would not be passed. Again, this legislation passed both houses and President Obama signed off on the bill. Now, Sen. Bunning is stonewalling a bill that would extend benefits for unemployment and COBRA insurance help because it has not passed the “Pay-Go” test.

His stance has resulted in serious unrest in Washington within both parties with many calling for him to stand down and cease his one-man filibuster.

The article linked below is an excellent representation of how Sen. Bunning is standing up for the American taxpayer. Please read.

At this point, Sen. Bunning has relinquished his position and has voted for the bill. However, his initial actions are a clear sign that many of our representatives in Washington see the writing on the wall. The American voter is watching, and they will be quick to remind others how their Senator/Representative performed leading up the the elections this fall. Even Ryan Mack of Huffington Post agrees that what he did was right!

If  you feel the need, I would call his office and applaud him for standing up to his peers for what he saw as serious hypocrisy within the Legislative body. I commend him fully and hope other will join him in this crusade to begin paying for these programs as we move forward.


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One Response to “Sen. Jim Bunning – a man of the People”

  1. Stephen Collings Says:

    Good man. It’s sad that our representatives only seem to do things like this when they’re no longer worried about being re-elected.

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