What “Job Creation” really means…

What does $787 billion look like? Can you see it? Can you imagine how truly enormous that sum is?

Our government has been trumpeting the success of the 2009 Federal Stimulus bill for months, and it’s time we do one important evaluation: Job Creation. This link is a website created for disclosing the facts and details of the package. Let’s take a quick look.

As of midnight on March 11, 2010 the figures reported can be summed up as follows:

Total jobs created 2/1-12/31/2009 = 1,228,686
Total jobs created within government agencies = 1,214,930
Total jobs created outside of the federal government = 13,756
Please remember, these numbers come directly from www.recovery.gov.

Jim Cooper, sitting congressman from Tennesse’s 5th District, provides a link for available jobs on his congressional website. This link is titled “Information on opportunities within the Federal Government” and lists directions for applying. Each link offers an opportunity for work in government agencies.

Are these the jobs constituents had in mind when their representative voted for this package? The “Executive Office of the President” has added 38 additional jobs with the stimulus funds according to http://www.recovery.gov. When the funds run out, will those jobs be retained? If the economy does not improve dramatically or new legislation is passed, those 38 jobs will likely cease to exist. These people employed with stimulus funding would potentially return to the ranks of the unemployed. What about the more than 800,000 jobs created within the Department of Education? Without additional funding, the result will probably be the same.

If this is the “change” that people expected when President Obama took office, then this program could be classified as a success. I could be wrong, but I doubt if many Americans are jumping at the chance to apply for and accept a job with the Department of Transportation or the Department of Labor.


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