A letter to Rep. Cooper

An Open Letter to Jim Cooper
March 22, 2010

Dear Mr. Cooper:

Today, you have officially abandoned any pretext as a credible representative for District 5 of Tennessee. I have contacted you many times in the past regarding your votes for Cap and Trade, Health Care Insurance, Stimulus One and Two, Cash for Clunkers, Bank Bailouts, Insurance Bailouts, Car Company Bailouts, etc. Your office has steadfastly told me that you know best because you are a teacher at Vanderbilt, a fiscal conservative, a Rhodes Scholar, etc. You certainly teach at Vanderbilt and are a Rhodes Scholar. However, you are no fiscal conservative.

You have consistently voted to add trillions of debt to my children and grandchildren in the standard practice of Progressives and Liberals over the past eighty years. Sir, a fiscal conservative would have declared his/her rejection of all the aforementioned legislation without apology. A fiscal conservative would have immediately been able to recognize a federal seizure of individual liberties and continued confiscation of individual wealth without citizen consent. As of this past Saturday morning, you were reported to have been in your office doing your homework on the Health Insurance Bill. Mr. Cooper, I was born at night, but not last night. Pray tell, what additional information were you looking for after the last eighteen months of debate? I would think that a Rhodes Scholar would have been able to sort through the issues fairly quickly. No sir, you were looking for political cover. You, sir, are no fiscal conservative. And there is no cover for you now.

You are joined at the hip to the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

As a result, you have now term-limited yourself to the end of 2010 where I will win your seat via the ballot box. The people of this district are with me. The people of this district will respond positively to our message that includes fiscal responsibility, individual responsibility, smaller federal government, balanced budgets, reducing our debt, and immigration laws. I will work tirelessly, along with the new 4th, 6th, and 8th District Conservatives and other new Conservative House members, to win back the liberty of the producers in these United States and begin rolling back the intrusive Federal Government to the constitutional boundary in which it belongs.

Enjoy this “historic” day basking in the glow of victory with the Democrat caucus in D.C. You will have plenty of time to reflect on the decisions you made as the Congressman from Tennessee’s 5th District come January of 2011.


Jeff Hartline


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6 Responses to “A letter to Rep. Cooper”

  1. Sam Says:

    Amen, Thanks Jeff for your true words.

  2. Tony Owl Says:


    I would think someone of your standing would be above throwing a tantrum about a political loss.

  3. Jeff Hartline Says:


    “Throwing a tantrum” is not the intent. It is simply the reality of Jim Cooper’s record as my Congressman. The passage of this bill is a huge loss for everyone; conservative, liberal or otherwise.

  4. Jeff Hartline Says:


    One more thing. Perhaps you are ignorant of the way in which policy is crafted in a Republic. It often results in men and women disagreeing passionately with each other. However, with all the backroom skullduggery by the majority party that went on in this legislation without benefit of open bi-partisan discussion, the only thing left to the minority was to disagree in this fashion. This is what happens when ther majority does not have an argument and cannot defend their shredding of the Constitution. The citizens will remind them of it in November. Just remember the words of the Japanese military officer after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, “I am afraid we have awakened a sleeping giant.” The “giant” is wide awake and will speak clearly on November 2, even in “safe” TN – 5. Lastly, a political loss? Really? This was not a political loss. This was a national loss. Just one more entitlement used by a party out of ideas except to buy votes with other people’s money. If you are not sure about this, just watch the upcoming “amnesty” debate. This will be another vote-buying scheme without regard for what is right for America, just what is right for Democrats. Shame on the lot of them!

  5. Jim Southerland Says:

    jim cooper is an arrogant out of touch elitist statist. He does not listen to his voters because he is a Harvard grad and Rhodes scholar. He is smarter than us and knows what is best for us unenlightened peasants. His staffers are rude and arrogant.

    In five years, I have sent him over a hundred email, faxes and letters. He has responded to ONE! That was a canned email. He does not care what his voters want, he places party politics and committee assignments above the people in 5D, TN.

    I certainly will support you to run against cooper.

  6. Brian Beard Says:

    One thing happened here. Our elected officials absolutely refused to vote according to the voice of their constituency. Outright bribery, secret deals, and political bullying have passed this healthcare bill. Our political environment is absolutely acidic with corruption, and disregard for the US Constitution. I am a former US Marine that is sick and tired of the political games going on in this country. I recently read “1776”, and to see what our nation has become apart from the vision of our founding fathers turned my stomach. I live in Cheatham County, and I have a handful of your campaign pamphlets I will distribute everywhere I find myself in 5th District. Mr. Hartline, you have my vote this November Sir.

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