Reagan’s Ghost

As the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan approaches, conservatives feel his spirit taking wing once again. Images of “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” scroll across our televisions on slick GE commercials. This one image reminds us of the courage of this American hero who, in the face of politically-correct policy writers, challenged the Soviet Premier to participate in the liberty of man by re-uniting Berlin. The rest is definitely history.

In the year 2010, American Progressivism, championed by many American intellectuals, has been proven to be an abject failure. The welfare state has created millions of generationally-bound citizens. The entitlement programs championed by Democrats from the 1930’s onward are broke and demand ever-increasing revenues from fewer citizens. Government has proven itself incompetent to operate a profitable railroad, much less manage its huge budget. Because of the large amounts of money shuttled to Washington, professional thieves and corrupt politicians have had their way with the money of hard-working taxpayers without accountability. It is time to close the book on this failed political agenda.

When Reagan ascended to the Presidency in the midst of a similar mess, he moved to restart the American economic engine by recommending a huge tax cut on individuals and businesses. Though unpopular with the Progressives, who need taxes to remain relevant, Reagan succeeded and doubled revenues to the Federal Government in three years. Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep greedy Congressional members out of this expanded pile of money.

In 2010, Conservatives are swiftly moving back to this proven formula. This time, however, the revenues generated by a reinvigorated economy will not be wasted by a power-hungry Congress. This is a lesson well learned. The Gipper will certainly be smiling on us.


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