Slow posting…

I apologize to the four of you that continue to follow this blog. The past three weeks have been extremely busy; moreso than I had anticipated, thus the reduction in blog posts.

Take heart. I am back to writing in the early mornings again. I hope to be able to get back to new postings at least twice a week. We are also going to be attempting to post links to articles from other sites during the week to let you know about what others are saying. Stay tuned because we are planning some big things in the coming weeks that you will be able to participate in directly!



One Response to “Slow posting…”

  1. Jean McCasland Says:

    Good Afternoon, Jeff –

    It was good to meet you at Piccadilly in Madison. I am very interested in supporting your candidacy in the 5th Congressional District.

    At this point in time, money is not free enough for me to contribute monetarily. I realize that isn’t a lot of help to you. However, I would be happy to do other things, mailings, door knocking, etc. I would be thrilled to be able to get Mr. Cooper out of office. Please advise what I can do to support your campaign.

    Thanks for all you are doing! It speaks well for our country but, more than that… our Creator!

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