They still don’t get it

For decades, Conservatives have been warning of the dangers of excessive spending by government at every level. As they suffered the “slings and arrows” of criticism by Progressives of being cold-hearted, stingy, etc., Conservatives pressed the case even more as federal and state deficit spending soared to unsustainable levels. Still, the spending persisted. Even Republicans deluded themselves into thinking the spending was not dangerous.

With California, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and other states experiencing the consequences of bloated budgets, excessive union-based and state-sponsored retirement plans, billions more of social program spending, and the economic downturn, taxpayers faced a new threat to their pocketbooks; the threat of the federal government being called upon to bail them out, since they are too big to fail. When we consider the ridiculous additional health insurance legislation, threatened Cap and Trade legislation, and intended amnesty bills coming down the pike, the entire impact will certainly send the nation over the financial cliff. Social Security and Medicare are already insolvent and threatening to be in the red this year! This is madness. Will the current administration acknowledge that we are in a huge mess and offer a solution?

Well, it appears that the Democrats have finally pulled their heads out of the sand. Either that, or they’ve had an epiphany. They finally understand the truth. We really are spending too much.

So what is their solution? Cut spending? Revise entitlements? Send unconstitutional programs packing off to the states for continuance? Eliminate  programs? Limit earmarks? Simplify legislation? Put the brakes on corruption? Oh no. It makes sense to do this. It’s difficult, it’s unpopular, and it would severely limit the control they desire.

So what is their answer to the problem? It is the same tired answer they always produce. Taxes.

So they are now scheming a way to plaster a national VAT (Value Added Tax) on the beleaguered American taxpayer. They are confident they have not been able to suck all the cash out of the capitalist system via the current system or their borrowing pressure on the private market. So now they have concluded that more money can be confiscated through this consumption tax. This does not come close to passing the smell test.

Our answer to this is simple. Where have you been for the past eighty years? What part of “money in, money out, money left” do you fail to comprehend? Have you seen the recent poll showing the dissatisfaction the American people feel for you? Simply stated, your refusal to do something about this crisis does not now require you to confiscate more money from us in any form or fashion. It’s time to be responsible with our money. So, we say no to the VAT. No to any additional tax, period. Come on November.


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