Berating Arizona

The most divisive issue of late (there have been a few) is Immigration and therefore Border Control measures are also being discussed. This past week Jan Brewer, the Governor of Arizona, signed into law a bill that allows for police in the state to request proof of citizenship when given reasonable cause. All across the country, including inside the Oval Office, the left has been highly critical of the bill. Governor Brewer made her feelings known saying, “We in Arizona have been more than patient waiting for Washington to act.” The Washington Post reported that President Obama called the bill “misguided” and directed the Justice Department to monitor the situation for civil rights violations. The absurdity of his position is as follows: if the Executive Branch of the Federal Government had been operating appropriately, the bill would never have been necessary.

If you have been paying attention to our Constitution you will note that it clearly states that one role of the Federal Government is to provide for the “common defense” of the republic. One shared defensive measure is to protect our borders. I cannot think of a better example of a “shared” defense other than warfare than border control. Imagine how residents of New Mexico, Texas and California feel this week. If Arizona is effective at removing illegal immigrants from their state, where else will they come in?

Our Federal Government has been unbelievably weak on this issue, and not just the Obama Administration. For more than 30 years our Presidents have ignored the issue and left it to the next in line. Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, W, and Obama have been out to lunch, and now the people of Arizona have overwhelmingly called for in-state reform.

Don’t blame Governor Brewer. We shouldn’t be berating Arizona. We should blame the six most recent Presidents for being lazy on the issue of illegal immigration and border security.


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