Internment in 2010?

My most recent post discussed the reasons behind Governor Brewer’s recent illegal immigration bill.

A large part of the concern behind this bill is related to the Japanese internment that occurred in the United States in the 1940’s through the end of WWII. If you aren’t quite sure what that was, check here. What would happen if we were attacked again? Some people believe we will be forced into taking similar steps if we continue to ignore the illegal immigration problem in America.

The United States is a nation of freedom, period. “We the People” have an expectation of freedom as guaranteed by our Constitution. However, we do have a history of suspending freedoms among potential domestic enemies. We can look back to Abraham Lincoln’s presidency, largely regarded as our nation’s greatest President, to see him suspend habeas corpus during the Civil War. It was a matter of national security. This was meant to protect the United States from Japanese-American citizens from passing sensitive information along to the Japanese military.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, FDR chose to remove all Japanese-Americans from the coast and essentially restricted their liberty to go where they pleased. Again, this was a matter of national security. These preemptive measures were taken so that when we launched warships from ports on the east and west coasts, phone calls weren’t made to Japan giving early warning to those armies. The internment is well documented in Michelle Malkin’s book “In Defense of Internment.

This is similar to the recent reduction in liberties in 2001 after the attacks in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. Americans were frustrated by the increased TSA requirements in airports, both nationally and globally, that resulted in possible profiling. Although many people understood the precautions and dealt with them, the fact remains that liberties were infringed upon during this time.

So, how do we avoid this in the future? Border Security is the first serious step. Monitoring the borders is a critical piece of the national security. The crime rate around our southern border is out of control and Americans are dying in drug-related crimes. We must do what we can to protect the citizens and legal immigrants of America. Taking back our borders is necessary. If our President will not commit to a solution with his trusty bandits in Congress, then the individual states will inevitably choose to take the responsibility upon themselves.


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