Finance Committee News

It’s been a busy week in our campaign. This is some news we’ve been waiting to share with our supporters and also those looking for someone to support in August and also in November. Please see below for a press release from Friday, May 14th.


NASHVILLE – A fast-growing list of Nashville business leaders and executives have already committed to contribute and raise more than $500,000 for congressional candidate Jeff Hartline’s campaign for the 5th District congressional seat currently held by Jim Cooper.

The campaign today releases its first weekly update listing finance committee members supporting Hartline and helping to raise money for his campaign.

“We have contributions and fund-raising commitments already well in excess of half a million dollars and growing daily,” said Andrew W. “Andy” Miller Jr., the Hartline for Congress campaign finance committee chairman. Miller is a Nashville venture capitalist and managing director of HealthMark Ventures LLC.

“I have been doing this a long time and for many campaigns and the friends that I work with always follow through on their commitments,” Miller said. “Because of the critical nature of this particular campaign and the positive response to Jeff as a candidate, this group of patriots is already outperforming their fund-raising commitments. I have never seen this before but it speaks volumes as to the commitment of this incredible group’s will to stop this country’s fall into the fiscal nightmare that is evidenced in Greece.”

Miller said the response the campaign is seeing to its fund-raising efforts is a reaction to Jim Cooper’s embrace of economic policies that include trillion-dollar budget deficits and out-of-control entitlements

“This is a prime example of what happens when politicians buy support with promised entitlements that they have no ability to pay for,” he said. “People are just ready for Jim Cooper to come home, and for a new representative who will turn away from economic policies that are covering Americans and their children and grandchildren in a flood of debt.”

Hartline for Congress will release a new list weekly of new members of the campaign finance committee. Miller today released the first list of people, saying, “There’s not a finer group of people being assembled for the purpose of supporting a congressional candidate than the group that we have assembled within the past few weeks in support of Jeff Hartline’s candidacy for the 5th Congressional district seat.”

On the Hartline for Congress finance committee:

Billy Webb (HealthPort Technologies), Willie Stokes (Davis Stokes Collaborative PC), Steve Smith (Haury & Smith), Rod Thurley (RV Service and Sales), and Joey Jacobs (Psychiatric Solutions).

Also: Rock Morphis (Heritage Group), Earl Bentz (Triton Boats), Samantha Ray (HCA Healthcare), Clyde Hutchinson (HealthMark Medical), and Richard Speer (private investor).

Also: Monty Lankford (TLC Medical), Rick Uselton (Uselton Shooting Sports), Holland McKinnie (attorney), Clyde Bright (Hollinsworth & Bright), Ralph Drury (The Drury Group), and Crom Carmichael (private investor).

Also: Mike Conyer (private investor), Jack Tyrell (Richland Partners), Garry Latimer (Diatech Oncology), Tony Giarratana (Giarratana Development, LLC), and Michael Whittington (U.S. Air Force, retired).

“The caliber of the people in this group is reflective of the extent to which Jim Cooper has alienated community leaders with his votes in support of Speaker Pelosi’s liberal agenda,” Miller said. “They share a conviction that Jeff Hartline is the right person to help reverse the affects of the Cooper-Pelosi policies that are bankrupting our nation and placing greater tax burdens on the families of the 5th district.”

Miller added that, in addition to the 21 people listed, “there are at least as many more concerned individuals who are helping to raise money for Hartline’s campaign.”

Hartline said Miller has “moved our campaign into hyperdrive.”

“Andy is a passionate, concerned and dedicated friend who has stepped up to bring together a solid team of concerned citizens who want to see a different voice representing this district, and he is continuing to build our finance team into a dynamic force that will make a substantial impact on the 2010 election and elections to come.”


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