Did you stand and applaud?

This week, Americans have been treated to a series of lectures by President Calderon of Mexico.  In the wake of the passage of the Arizona Immigration Law, he has come to do President Obama’s dirty work and curry favor with the Commander-in-Chief.  In a White House ceremony on Wednesday, Calderon explained why the United States was out of line to protect its own borders and was exhibiting behaviors inconsistent with basic human rights.

In a series of interviews with the media, he continued this tirade.  In an interview with Wolf Blitzer, he once again lectured us about the “racial profiling” contained in the bill (this is completely devoid of the facts).  When Blitzer asked him if Mexico would allow people coming north from Central America to obtain jobs and purchase houses, he responded that these people would be rounded up and sent home immediately.  This is not an immigration problem.  It is a hypocrisy problem.

If one looks at the Constitution of Mexico, one finds immigration laws that are very strict and, if applied in the United States, would have resulted in 12,000,000 less individuals being in the country receiving welfare, free health care, free education, and taking jobs from citizens during a time of 11% unemployment.  I guess what is good for el ganso is not good for the gander.

Arizona is merely responding to the outbreak in violence now spreading across their border from Mexico.  Phoenix has become the center of kidnapping in the U.S. due to the drug wars spilling across the border.  With Washington looking the other way, Arizona had no choice but to stop the madness and protect its citizens.  Seventy percent of Americans agree with them.

The icing on the cake occurred Thursday when, in an address to the Congress, he objected to the Arizona law and was given a standing ovation by the Democrats in the House Chamber.  Was Jim Cooper among those participating in the standing ovation?  If so, he once again proves he is out of touch with the 5th district and demonstrates his lack of respect for the very thing that creates order in our society, our laws.  If he was standing with the rest of his colleagues, shame on him.

Much more troubling is the silence of Conservative voices speaking out against this ridiculous lecturing of the United States by the President of a corrupt, inefficient, third-world country.  Citizens of the 5th district:  Stand up for leaders who will defend the laws of the nation that keep us safe.  Here is my microphone. “Mr. Calderon, if you don’t like the way we do things, go home and create a better society that we can imitate.  Until then, keep your thoughts to yourself.”  Anybody agree?  Then pick up the microphone and speak up.


5 Responses to “Did you stand and applaud?”

  1. Barnett Williams Says:

    Jeff, your comments were well delivered and, unfortunately, too true.

  2. John Moore Says:

    As a citizen of the 5th District, I could not be happier with Cooper standing against Arizona’s legislation (that is, if he actually did, you weren’t very clear here, so I’m not sure if you were just trying to make it seem like he did something he didn’t: a favorite trick of politicians).
    With the number of black, hispanic, and otherwise socially aware caucasians that live in the 5th District, I would have a very hard time believing similar legislation would go over very well at all here.

    There are clearly better ways to reform immigration without racially profiling people… throw quotes on it all you want, that’s what it will boil down to in many cases. For one, whatever happened to the DREAM Act? Why are we making it so difficult for hard-working, honest people to become citizens… even when they have been here acting as model citizens and even learning English?

    Besides that, if we really want to keep immigrants from staying here illegally, then why are we going after the corporations (likely run by wealthy, keep-the-government-out-of-business Republicans) who are HIRING illegal immigrants?!
    I don’t know about you, but I sure wouldn’t stay in a country where I couldn’t find work.

    Maybe someone who stands against such flawed legislation is EXACTLY who the 5th District needs.

  3. Jeff Hartline Says:


    You obviously do not have any respect for the law. We are a nation of laws, not men. I am not opposed to immigration. I am opposed to people breaking into the country, especially people who have nothing but violence and terrorism on their minds. Remember, 30% of those incarcerated are here illegally. They weren’t put in jail because they were here illegally, but because they broke other laws. Are these your “model” citizens?

    You have no clue about what the people in Tennessee want. 70% of Americans support this bill. Youare in the minority.

    Before we can accept being invaded by people who have come here illegally, perhaps we should close the border, figure out who is here, and once people have returned to their rightful countries, they can apply for admission through a lawful process. If there are jobs for them to do so they will not be drawing down social services, welfare, healthcare, education designed for citizens and paid for by citizens, then they can find a sponsor just like any other immigrant is required to do.

    By the way, this legislation is already federal law. There is just no one in the federal system, including Jim Cooper, with the decency to enforce it.

    As for going after corporations who draw them and hire them, they are the first people on my congressional priority list for accountability. They are not on Jim Cooper’s radar, much less an accountability list.

    That’s America.

  4. Ray Sissom Says:

    Go get’em Jeff…

  5. Erin Says:

    it’s comical that Calderon has the audacity to speak out against AZ’s law when his country’s laws are much harsher. but even if they weren’t, shouldn’t matter, AZ is in AMERICA not Mexico.

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