The fallacy of talk versus action

Jim Cooper must think it is October as he is attempting to put on his “Blue Dog” Halloween mask once again. In a recent statement to the media, he announced his support for giving the President a power of “expedited rescission” to supposedly control spending. He lectured “members of Congress” about their inability to control earmarks and excessive spending and told them they need “parental supervision.”

Does he want us to believe that he is the parent here? Please, Rep. Cooper. It’s difficult to take you seriously here. You speak as though you are the challenger for a congressional seat, decrying the irresponsibility of the incumbent for being a big spender. Mr. Cooper, You are the incumbent – and you are the big spender. You are in need of the parental supervision.

For the past three years, Rep. Cooper has consistently buckled to the pressure of the Pelosi juggernaut in the House and sold his constituents down the red-ink road by voting for every budget-busting, deficit-increasing bill placed in front of him. For him to contend he had nothing to do with the $11.5 trillion increase in the national debt since he entered Congress takes more nerve than he has been able to muster to oppose Speaker Pelosi.

Yes, he refuses earmarks – but he also embraced health “reform” that will add $250 billion to the deficit at a bare minimum.

I’d say “And that’s just for starters!,” except Rep. Cooper began voting for massive deficit spending a long time ago. In the past year he has abandoned any semblance of economic sanity by voting for $787 billion in new deficit spending “stimulus,” and by supporting Cap and Trade, Cash for Clunkers, health care “reform,”  bailouts and more bailouts – automakers, AIG, Wall Street, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac…

Rep. Cooper, you have abandoned your constituents for the lure of being a “player” in your Party, and you have alienated the citizens of your district by treating them like they do not have good sense when they speak out against such fiscal insanity. Congressman Cooper, the people of the 5th District do have good sense. They see through your mask.


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One Response to “The fallacy of talk versus action”

  1. Erin Says:

    Hopefully he is scared for November. He knows his time is up in Congress, so he has to scramble and say what sounds right at the time.

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