Pushing the Envelope

Since 1947, the Nation of Israel has been able to depend upon the United States as a solid ally in their struggle to maintain sovereignty.  The recent disregard of the Israeli Prime Minister by President Obama fired the shot across the bow that freedom-loving Americans hoped they would never see.  This disparaging behavior points to the bias that Obama has against the Jewish people and his favor toward their enemies.

And now we have the latest PR trick perpetrated by activists seeking to embarrass Israel for protecting their border.  (This sounds so familiar to me.)  Ever since Israel ceded land in Gaza to the Palestinians for them to begin building a homeland, they have been constantly beset by attacks into their territory via rockets fired into random locations, including residential areas.  In the interest of protecting their citizens, they formed a naval blockade to keep ships carrying humanitarian aid from arriving in Gaza ports with weaponry directed at Israel.  They have been directing these ships into Israeli ports to be searched and the aid sent along to Palestinian ports.

Several Turkish ships made plans to attempt to run the blockade directly into Gaza without being searched.  Israeli commandos warned the ships and demanded they stop to be searched.  They were able to interdict all the smaller vessels, but they had to board the last larger ship to search it since it would not stop.  Upon boarding the ship, the commandos were attacked with pipes, had grenades fired at them as they boarded, shot at, and beaten by numerous activists on board.  Several Israeli troops were able to get overboard, but others were caught in the melee.  In the course of defending themselves and their colleagues, several of the passengers were killed.

The IDF very wisely videotaped the entire episode for the entire world to be able to see their reception and the response to that reception.  Had this video not been made, there is no end to the demagoguery that we would be witnessing today about this event.  As it is, even with the damning video, our President, along with the rest of the world, is condemning the Israelis for their behavior.  Even that bastion of human rights protection, the United Nations, weighed in today with their own condemnation of Israel.  Prime Minister Netanyahu put it best, “Israel is presumed guilty until proved guilty.”

Fact:  Israel is under constant threat from hundreds of millions of people who openly advocate their complete destruction.  Fact:  Israel has shown incredible restraint in the midst of constant threat and attack.  Fact:  Not one single American official would tolerate for one single minute the firing of offensive weapons into our country from any contiguous country.  Does anybody remember the blockade of Cuba under President Kennedy?

Hopefully, Israel can hang on long enough for the American people to elect representatives who will advocate for freedom-loving people, regardless of their country of origin and wage offensive war against freedom-hating people, regardless of their country of origin.  We have to first decide whether we only want liberty just for ourselves, the rest of the world be damned, or whether we believe liberty really is an inalienable right granted to all men by the Creator of the Universe.  Second, we need to decide whether we will be willing to stand alone among those who refuse to learn the lessons of history.


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One Response to “Pushing the Envelope”

  1. Erin Says:

    of course the MSM focused on the Israelis actions to make them look like the bad guys.

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