Misinformation strikes again

This past weekend, an article in the Examiner quoted a couple of other candidates in the 2010 GOP Primary for Tennessee’s Fifth District Congressional election misrepresenting some of my positions. So, in order to clear things up, I put together a brief response to the article in order to make sure the voters know my positions on the issues discussed at the GOP meeting Saturday morning.

My remarks are as follows:

“I am sorry to hear that my positions on very important issues were misrepresented by political rivals at an event where I was absent and unable to defend myself with the truth. If people compare what my opponents said about me with what I actually stand for, they will realize that I am the conservative in this race who is best equipped to challenge and defeat Jim Cooper in November.

“My stance on key issues such as illegal immigration, energy and many others are all available on my website at www.hartlineforcongress.com. Any voters who would like to have a detailed response to the specific criticisms leveled by Mr. Schwartz will receive one upon request by emailing me at jeff@hartlineforcongress.com.”



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10 Responses to “Misinformation strikes again”

  1. Eric C Says:


    You are misrepresenting the facts. All Schwartz did was regurgitate what is on your own website. If you can’t understand the difference between amnesty and enforcement, then you shouldn’t call yourself a republican

    • Jeff Hartline Says:

      Eric, Bob took a policy position and spun it into something that he knows I would not support. As I said, Bob is a good man, but he’s way off base on this.

  2. Randy Benton Says:


    Your website clearly advocates amnesty Jeff. If you don’t agree with the verbiage on your website, then change it. Until then, don’t complain that people are twisting your words when you are providing the words to them for twisting.

    I’m voting for Schwartz.

    • Jeff Hartline Says:


      We are clarifying the position so that it is abundantly clear that I do not support any form of amnesty. I fully support the enforcement of current law, and when I go to Washington I plan to do just that.

  3. Agatha Nolen Says:

    This is the quote on your website that I can’t agree with: “As we secure the borders, allow employers to sponsor employees who can speak English to apply for citizenship. Only the employee and spouse and children, not extended families.” This sounds like you are talking about illegal immigrants already here in the U.S.–and if they have a job and can speak English we will allow them to be citizens. Here is a dictionary definition of amnesty: “a period during which a law is suspended to allow offenders to admit their crime without fear of prosecution”. It sounds like you are advocating to suspend the law as they are here illegally and by granting them citizenship you are actually rewarding them for breaking the current U.S. laws. Lawful Permanent Residents can already apply for citizenship, so you must be talking about illegal immigrants.

    • Jeff Hartline Says:

      Ms. Nolen,

      I appreciate your concern on this issue. As you have indicated, Immigration is a serious issue that Americans have demanded be addressed. We will actually be posting a new blog clarifying my position on this issue later today. I hope you will the time to read it and let me know what you think.


  4. Joe Says:


    I find it interesting how people can take a statement and read into it what they wish. Jeff said nothing in that statement about illegal aliens.

    The original statement was: “As we secure the borders, allow employers to sponsor employees who can speak English to apply for citizenship. Only the employee and spouse and children, not extended families.”

    This is legal today for those who are legally in the country. For example…

    Where I work (in Nashville) we have a number of people from overseas LEGALLY working for us. Some are citizens of their home country here on a visa. Some have LEGALLY moved here having been employed full-time with our company but are not yet citizens. At least one has become a citizen of the USA – LEGALLY, having been in the country several years after LEGALLY entering it.

    What Jeff originally said aligns with the law, but his competitors are looking for any opening to spin what is said by Jeff to their advantage. Too bad they aim at their own instead of Jim Cooper who is unabashedly pro-amnesty.

    To suggest Jeff Hartline is pro-amnesty for reaffirming existing law is like saying Barack Obama is pro-border enforcement because he’s not suing California (even though they have a anti-illegal immigration bill on par with Arizona’s).

  5. Jeff S Says:

    Well Joe, if Jeff’s policy was so clearly anti-amnesty, then there would have been no reason for him to change it, which he recently did. As such, your argument doesn’t hold water.

  6. Jeff Hartline Says:

    Jeff S: His argument actually does hold water. Perhaps if you think that there is only one aspect to this discussion, you might draw that conclusion. I merely clarified my views (previously stated in the public arena numerous times) regarding those here illegally operating outside the law. I hope that helps. As I stated, I have had much experience in the construction industry dealing on job sites with workers who could neither understand me nor could I understand them. And then talking with citizens who had been ousted from these same productive jobs because of illegals here, I have a very clear picture of the danger to our economy and national security. As I told Mr. Gill on the phone, I wrote much less articulately than I normally do and have now clarified my position. I can do nothing else but that.

  7. Bill hobbs Says:

    Has Jim Cooper ever interacted with voters in such a direct and interactive format as a blog, Twitter, and in a comments thread on Facebook?

    I doubt it.

    That’s just one of the ways Jeff Hartline is a better candidate and will make a better congressman than Jim Cooper.

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