Good news for Tennessee’s Fifth District

Governor Palin has brought well-deserved national attention to the 5th Congressional District of Tennessee, a district that in years past has been written off as un-winnable for a conservative.

I, along with Gov. Palin and many others, know that this election year incumbents like Jim Cooper are in trouble. I’m happy that the national spotlight is being turned on Mr. Cooper, a man who has been able to fly under the radar for so long. The more national attention that is drawn to this race, the more exposed his support of Speaker Pelosi’s liberal agenda will become.



3 Responses to “Good news for Tennessee’s Fifth District”

  1. J Lewis Says:

    Not only Mr. Cooper’s support of the Pelosi/Reed agenda, but our nation as a whole is under attack from a President who is anti-American. I only recently learned of his stint as Chief of U.N. Security Council, which is illegal for him to do. From global control, banking control,reducing citizen’s free will to choose healthcare, disrespectful comments to world leaders about our country, where will it end if we don’t have elected officials in Washington willing to stand up for our constitution and our country?

  2. John Lowery Says:

    Representative Jim Cooper styles himself a “Blue Dog Democrat”. The implication is that he is a fiscal conservative, against deficit spending, higher taxes and out-of-control spending.
    When I asked his position on the House’s Obamacare bill, I received a letter stating that we was “studying it” to ensure its fiscal soundness. Then he voted for it.
    When I asked why he voted for it, I received a letter stating that something needed to be done about healthcare and his vote for the bill was to “force the Senate to take action”. He did not state that it was a good bill. Infact he said it wasn’t.
    After the Senate passed the bill with changes, he voted for the Frankenstein’s monster it had become. Mr. Cooper needs to join the ranks of the unemployed that his votes have helped create.

  3. Jeff C. Says:

    This news is not just “good.” It is great! It’s about time people wake up and see that Jim Cooper, a supposedly conservative to right leaning moderate, always votes along the Democrat party line (no matter how liberal it is). You’ve got my vote Mr. Hartline, and I pray that you are successful in defeating Congressman Cooper.

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