DCRP Picnic Speech

On Saturday afternoon, I was given an opportunity to speak to over 500 Republicans at the Davidson County Republican Party Picnic. The text below is my speech from that event. We hope to upload the video shortly.

Jeff Hartline, Republican running for Congress in the Fifth District. “235 years ago, the British marched on the ammunition stores at Lexington and Concord, and the farmers and the merchants along the way gathered themselves together, and they joined the fight against oppression. 234 years ago, 56 sat in a hot room and hammered out a Declaration of Independence. They might not have been on the front lines, but the joined the fight nonetheless.

“They were fighting against oppressive government, big taxes, oppressive regulation, no representation. Today, 234 years later, we are right back in the same spot. Big government, too much taxes, oppressive regulation, we don’t have a secure border, we aren’t energy independent, we don’t have a President that loves our country the way we do. Ladies and Gentlemen, I ask you one thing.

“The fight has come to us now. Are you ready to fight against big government? Are you ready to fight against overtaxation? Are you ready to fight against a porous border? Are you read to say to the President, ‘Mr. President, build that wall?’

“We cannot shrink from this fight. There are people who say this district can’t be won; I say, they’re wrong. There are people who say a conservative doesn’t have a chance in the fifth district; I say, they’re wrong. That’s why I’m running for this seat. I’m Jeff Hartline, I’m a Constitutional Conservative running as a Republican. I’m proud of this party. I want to see this party win, and I’m looking forward to giving more work, from Washington, to these men who are running for Governor, and these folks who are running for State House and State Senate because that’s where it belongs. Give me your vote on August 5 and thank you very much.”


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