Cooper on Immigration

At the Republican Women of Williamson County monthly meeting yesterday, State Senator Jack Johnson discussed numerous topics related to his work in the State Senate.  One of the issues he discussed was the impact of illegal immigration upon the future of Tennessee.  He announced that several Tennessee state legislators were traveling to Phoenix on Friday to deliver a resolution passed by the Tennessee Legislature supporting their new immigration law, now under attack by the Jim Cooper/Nancy Pelosi Democrat Party and the White House.  He also affirmed that the Legislature would be crafting a similar law in January 2011 that would be signed by the new Republican Governor.  The room burst into applause. This is a resolution that I not only favor and support, but will gladly support from Washington DC beginning in January.

I suspect it was the same applause Rep Jim Cooper received from many in the 5th District when he voted for the Secure Fence Act in 2006.  This legislation dragged both sides of the congressional aisle kicking and screaming to the side of the American people who have relentlessly demonstrated their overwhelming support for a secure southern border including a fence.  Rep. Cooper sided with his constituents then.

Less than 18 months later, with new Speaker Pelosi pulling the strings instead of his constituents, he voted to de-fund the fence.  This flip-flop is just one more verse of the same song he has been singing since the Pelosi/Reid/Obama crowd rode into town and began advancing their Constitution-killing progressive agenda.

Rep. Cooper has chosen the Senator John Kerry approach on issues of consequence. He was for it before he was against it, and vice versa. Speaking out of both sides of his mouth, he avoids any true position on the issue. He cannot have it both ways for long.  The November elections are approaching and he will have to spend millions to defend an indefensible record.  For the first time since he has run for office (except for getting beaten by Fred Thompson, a real candidate, in 1994), Cooper/Pelosi will have a well-funded and widely-supported opponent who will explain to the voters of the 5th district that he agrees more with Nancy Pelosi than he does with his neighbors.  With the people of his District aware of his record, I wonder which side of his mouth he will be talking out of?

Rep. Cooper is mum when it comes to the economic, national security, social program dangers of illegal immigration.  However, his voting record screams his elitist “looking down his nose” attitude toward his own people.  Well, his own people will “flip-flop” on him in November at the ballot box.


5 Responses to “Cooper on Immigration”

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  2. Ben Vos Says:

    I’m very sad to hear that you’re more interested in attacking Jim Cooper than you are in finding a solution to the plight of immigrants. I will certainly pray that God gives you a clear vision of his heart for the widow, the orphan and the alien within our gates. God is pretty clear about that kind of thing, you know. (You are a Christian, are you not?)

    • Brad Says:

      Dude, get over yourself with this hyper-spiritualized religious garbage. “I’ll pray for you”?? Give me a freakin’ break!

      The plight is the fact that we have our Federal Government refusing to enforce current immigration laws. You probably think Obama/Bush/Cooper and company do this because they’re so concerned with the poor impoverished Mexican people don’t you? The AZ law is being marginalized in the courts because there is a greater agenda. Look man, I believe in the truths and principles of God and I see the humanity in deplorable living conditions and less opportunity across the border in Mexico, but without laws and enforcement you get a half million illegal undocumented people in a state that is fed up with shelling out money for them to enjoy school systems, healthcare and entitlement programs at little to no cost. There is gang and drug traffic running rampant through the state and people’s ranches and homes are being broken into along the border. In some cases there are murders being committed. The people of AZ are 70% in favor of this law and the steps that it takes to protect its citizens.

      The problem is our government comes in and infringes on the constitutional right for AZ to create a law that addresses this problem, and the reason the leaders of this country do this is to intentionally drive America deeper into an entitled state where all are addicted and dependent on supposed humanitarian handouts. What better way to do this than add 50 million people to that registered category who will then vote accordingly for…yes, more entitlement? This will then bring increased bondage to those in this country who still want to live free and unencumbered, without the burden of financing these people to be here on our tax dollars.

      Look at some facts and take the ridiculous, irrational, religious, emotional appeal out of this!

  3. Craig Hartline Says:


    It’s easy to say, find a solution, to someone who has does not at present have the ability to put those solutions into action. Mr. Cooper has been in Washington a long time. The problem of our unsecured borders is not a NEW issue, just one that has come to the forefront with the Arizona law.

    Yes, we as christians are supposed to take care of those who are NOT able to take care of themselves. But, what about the orphans that were in our gates before the alien came in? Do we not have an obligation to our own people before we go out and try to help others? Are we not required to make our own city strong, so that we in turn can help those who want to come to our city?

    The United States has been one of the, if not the biggest, countries to welcome people from other countries to come here and be a part of what we have accomplished, thus allowing them to be successful and have a place that they can live in freely. We have been called the ‘melting pot” of the world and a melting pot takes lots of different ingredients and mixes them together to make a new mixture.

    The solution to our problem is a complicated one, but it starts with saying, “Ok, hold on, you cannot just break in to our country and be provided with all the benefits of living here, without doing it lawfully.” Would you want someone to break into your house, eat your food, sleep in your bed and when you come home and find them there, allow them to stay? Helping others is our christian duty, but should we just open our country up and say anyone who wants to come in, come on? I think that would be foolish, given the current climate of certain elements of our world who wish to destroy us, literally.

    Our first responsibility is to the 10 million plus of our OWN people who are out of work and hurting. Letting in anyone and everyone is going to do nothing to help those Americans who truly need our charity and help.

  4. Jeff Hartline Says:

    Ben: Thanks for the insight. I am a Christian and as a Christian I am obligated to render to Caesar the things that are his and to God the things that are His. The Bible nowhere asks citizens of any government to disobey the law or tolerate disobedience. It is not the role of government to take care of anybody but to provide a safe environment for citizens to flourish. It is the role of believers in Christ to care for those you mentioned. If the law states that people should go through a process to enter the country, we are obligated to support and follow that law. If you do not like the law, then elect legislators who will change it.

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