When will we see real economic growth?

When Barack Obama ran for President in 2008, he promised “hope and change” for the American people.  What he has provided is the history-repeating tale of big government’s inability to create any job outside of a government job and to continue holding back the private sector with its baffling economic policies.  Rather than put the fiscal house in order, he got Jim Cooper to agree to a ridiculous stimulus plan that has been a sham.  He ran up the credit card to the tune of a trillion a year for a decade into the future and paid back his union buddies by stealing GM from its Bondholders and running dealers out of business at his whim.  How’s that for saving jobs?

Eighteen months into his presidency unemployment hovers just under 20% and small businesses hold into capital waiting for the next major federal bomb to drop on them.  Will it be Cap and Trade?  Will it be Amnesty?  Will it be the largest tax increase in U.S. history with the expiration of the Bush tax cuts?  The private sector has no incentive to invest, spend, create, diversify as long as the current federal government continues to take over and over-regulate private business.   While they continue to look for ways to confiscate the trillions in private capital being banked, business owners struggle to make plans for the future.

How many administrations, Republican or Democrat, have to enact these limited government-control, low tax policies to prove to the policy makers on the left that they work every time they are tried, that letting taxpayers keep more of their money to pour back into the economy stimulates job creation?  The answer?  It will have to take at least one more because they just do not get it.  The American people get it.  American business gets it. Even Europe gets it.

The next economic renewal is only one election away.  American voters will go to the polls in November and teach the policy makers on the left another lesson about refusing to listen to them.  Jim Cooper has chosen to close his ears to his constituents and join the Pelosi agenda against his own voters.  During the past four years he has shown his true colors, voting for every liberty-killing budget-busting bill he could.

Some of his constituents have been paying attention.  When November arrives every America-loving, private enterprise-supporting, fiscally-conservative voter will know what he has done and how he has abandoned them to the devices of an ever-expanding centralized machine run out of the Beltway in D.C.  The cover will be pulled off of his “blue-dog” persona.  The glass will be cleaned to reveal a Cooper/Pelosi takeover machine rather than the fiscal conservative patina Cooper has been trying to sell to the 5th District.

Stay tuned. The American People will provide the economic jump-start we need on November 2nd.


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2 Responses to “When will we see real economic growth?”

  1. registerednurse70 Says:

    The problem is that in Washington, regardless of the party Democratic or Republican, the business is the same old business that has been conducted for the last 30 years. It is the left and the right wing which has taken the gas out of America. It is politically conservative and liberal agendas which takes bread off of the American table.

    We need a change you are correct. The change needs to be a a complete and total overhaul of the existing system, which is broken. It is broken whether a Republican or Democrat runs the system. The same old corporate and union ties will always apply under the current system.

    We need change. We need every single incumbent in office to be voted out of office. We need term limits to insure this never happens again, we need a cap on the total donation for a political campaigh, and we need a fair tax so that everyone, legal and illegal pays their fair share.

    Democrats and Republicans do not espouse such changes as a whole which would benefit all classes of Americans. Republicans make no bones about supporting the elite and financially wealthy. Democrats are more subversive, they keep the masses happy through handouts, while insuring those same elite and financially wealthy individuals stay that way. They are from the left and the right and they support the same corporate ideal.

    We need a real change, one that will benifit Jim Smith making 19,000 per year as well as Sarah Small making 125,000k per year. Abolish the current caste system we are now oppressed by and make it fair for everyone.

    In November, recognize a politician for what they are, corporately controlled enforcers. Vote every incumbent out. Send a clear message that business as ususal, whether or not you are Republican or Democrat is not going to work. Vote for American, not Republican or Democrat.

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