Expiring tax cuts will hurt Tennessee families

An exerpt from a press release from the campaign:


Re-electing Jim Cooper to Congress could cost the average family in the Nashville area almost $1,500 in higher taxes next year, congressional candidate Jeff Hartline said today.

The non-partisan Tax Foundation’s analysis released today calculates that the average middle-income family in Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District will pay $1,472 more in taxes next year if the tax cuts that powered the economy to record growth and low unemployment for six years during the Bush administration are allowed to expire.

“With unemployment at 9 percent across the district, taking another $1,472 away from each and every family is going to leave those families with less money to spend or save for things they want and need – which means less income for stores and businesses where they shop,” Hartline said. “Jim Cooper’s plan for the economy – trillions of dollars in deficit spending – hasn’t revived the economy or created jobs. And now there is a massive tax increase coming from Cooper and the liberal Congress that will only add to the economic misery we’re all feeling.

“In Congress, I will support legislation to extend and make permanent the tax cuts, and to reduce the size and cost of the federal government,” Hartline said.


One Response to “Expiring tax cuts will hurt Tennessee families”

  1. Sean Braisted Says:

    I appreciate the sentiment, but in all likelihood Republicans won’t have the 60 votes (the number the Republicans have now deemed necessary to do anything) in the Senate, even under the best of circumstances for the GOP in 2010, and there is no chance of them getting a veto proof majority.

    So, the question becomes, would you be willing, as a compromise, to extend the tax reductions for the middle-class even if it doesn’t contain a tax cut for the top 2%? Or will you vote against tax cuts for the middle class unless the wealthiest few are also included in the mix.

    Mind you, this isn’t a question about what would be in a perfect world, Congress is about compromise, would you be willing to get some of what you want if all is not available?

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