The Constitution: Yes, it still matters.

Embattled Rep. Pete Stark recently came under fire for comments made in a Town Hall meeting in Fremont, CA. His comments drew ire from his constituents because of his condescending answers and sarcasm related to the questions asked of him. Recently, Rep. Stark made the news again when he said that, “The federal government can do most anything in this country.” Here is a link to the video.

I don’t think Rep. Stark was set-up. I don’t think he was manipulated or that the video was edited in such a way to make him comments appear to be anything different that what he really said. Rep. Stark is one of many democrats today singing the praises of our federal government and its ability to run the country effectively. Because of politicians like these, the mood continues to be anti-incumbent. We have a real chance to defeat Rep. Jim Cooper here in Tennessee’s 5th District.

What does Rep. Cooper think about Rep. Stark’s comments?

Does he agree with the notion that the federal government can do basically whatever it wants? Is the Constitution null? What about the enumerated powers? Have these powers changed recently?

Legistators like these Rep. Stark are a serious portion of the problem. They believe our federal government not only has the right, but is compelled, to encourage and pass these laws. They ignore the boundary set in place by our Constitution and pass legislation blatantly outside of the enumerated powers. So, what has our Congressman had to say about this?

I would guess very little.


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One Response to “The Constitution: Yes, it still matters.”

  1. mattlgraf Says:

    I can’t believe Starks arrogance in the video. He say’s the Federal government can do whatever they want and seemed happy about it. It’s very sad considering He’s been a congressman for 37 years.

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