Why do we need a New Voice?

My name is Jeff Hartline, and I am asking for your vote. Tomorrow is August 5th, the GOP Primary election day, and it is time to decide which Republican in Tennessee’s 5th District can defeat Jim Cooper in November. I firmly believe I am that candidate.

A few days ago we laid out a short list of Rep. Cooper’s most economically damaging votes in recent history. The people of the 5th district need to understand the reality of his actions compared to his words. Rep. Cooper has been involved in many key votes during his 18-year tenure. The votes below are some major switches in policy during his tenure.

5. Rep. Cooper voted for and against war funding in 2009. His vote here for financial support contrasts directly with his vote here against financial support. These bills were both during the Obama Presidency, and were both for supplemental funding for the war, and both resolutions passed with bipartisan support. Yet Rep. Cooper found supporting our soldiers abroad a problem on one occasion.

4. In 1994, Rep. Cooper made a name for himself nationally by opposing the Hillary-Care legislation. Even years later, his opposition is remembered. However, two of his recent votes might cause one to wonder if he’s remembering his own words. He opposed the Medicare Part-D legislation in 2003 because it represented an unfunded mandate (and he was correct here), yet voted for the ObamaCare initiative in 2010, which represents a $1 trillion dollar unfunded mandate.

3. Immigration is a hot-button issue this election cycle. The Arizona immigration law has brought the issue to center of the discussion in many races across the country, even here in Tennessee (See the 6th District Congressional primary). In 2006, the Secure Fence Act passed with relative bipartisan support, along with the vote of Rep. Cooper. However, in 2007 he voted to de-fund the fence. So, we need a fence and then we don’t? This particular vote was noted by a local blogger curious about the rationale.

2. Before Rep. Cooper voted for the stimulus he voted against it. He gave this interview to express his concern over the amount of debt America was facing and mentions how he would support a “clean bill” that included no “pork.” Thanks to his vote for stimulus funding, Vanderbilt received over 180 grants totaling more than $79 million dollars. While these projects provide valuable research, they don’t exactly translate into economic recovery, reinvestment or actual jobs for Americans.

And finally, number one is…. The Public Option (Health-Care)

1. In his nearly 18 years in Congress, Rep. Cooper has moved back and forth on the Public Option (health insurance) plan.  In this video clip, Rep. Cooper discusses why he thing the Public Option is a good idea. Predictably, another clip has him explaining why it is not a good idea. In response to his changing opinion, a local paper showed concern over this switch and his vote for the public option in 2009.

It is clear that Rep. Cooper appears to be uncertain about some issues of consequence. Whether or not the pressure from fellow liberals is the cause is anyone’s guess. Regardless of the cause, it is time to send someone to represent our district with the ability to be an unwavering voice for conservative values. We need a clear voice, a conservative voice.

We need someone that understands who Rep. Cooper really is, how to defeat him and take back the 5th District this fall.  That is why I am asking for your vote tomorrow on August 5th.


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