A sincere thank you

A final note from Jeff

On behalf of my entire family, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to so many who spent numerous hours of their time and gave maximum effort to our attempt to prevail in this 2010 Primary.  Our team mapped out a strategy at the beginning to touch all the bases necessary to win and, for the most part, we accomplished those goals.  The voters have spoken and the process moves forward to November.

As part of that plan, we enjoyed the help of so many to craft ideas, make personal calls, go door-to-door, put up yard signs, talk with their neighbors, send us ideas, and give of their money to allow us to produce radio spots, TV spots, and hold numerous events throughout the district.

Though we fell short, we crafted an issues-centered message that was able to stay focused on the needs of Tennesseans and the path to get our District back in the right path of fiscal soundness and individual liberty.  All of you were a part of that effort and should feel good about the progress we made.

David Shepherd led our Steering Committee in spending numerous hours of planning and directing our efforts.  My son, Wes, led our field efforts in an unbelievable way.  My other son, Logan, did all our graphic work.  My brother-in-law, Keith, built and maintained our website in an excellent way.  Phil Meadows and John Griffith kept our funds straight and did an outstanding job making sure we were compliant with our FEC filings.  Bill Hobbs kept us front and center with the local media.  Matt Southards assisted us in numerous details in almost every area.  Bill Outhier kept our legal ship in the channel and provided valuable advice along the way.

Our Finance Committee, under the able leadership of Andy Miller, raised record amounts of money in the 5th District and engaged many voters who had previously been Cooper supporters.  Hundreds of you volunteered your time and passion to spread our message through personal contacts, email and other means.  Most of all, my dear wife, Melodie, raised a prayer army that brought our efforts into proper focus and buttressed us in ways that we could even see.  It was an honor to be surrounded by so many capable, hard-working individuals.

As I have said many times, I have been humbled by the entire experience and will be forever grateful for the opportunity to step to the front and engage in this effort.  May God bless all of you and please, pass our thanks along to others who may have not been on this list.  We want all of them to know of our gratefulness for their support.

Jeff Hartline


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One Response to “A sincere thank you”

  1. Perry and Jennifer Lewis Says:

    Jeff, We’re sorry things did not end as hoped for this primary. We know you, Melodie and your staff worked hard to make a stand and draw attention to the needs of this district. We hope you can use your knowledge and desire for change to still help unseat Jim Cooper. Thanks for your efforts.

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