Get Your Hearing Checked, Quick!

As the Lame Duck 111th Congress comes back into Washington, the President has begun “spinning” the results of the November elections to make it appear that the voters have expressed their displeasure with the Republicans as having failed to work with the Democrats.  Now they (The American People) want the Congress to get down to the work of creating jobs.  In his statement after a meeting with leadership of both parties, the President explained to the media that the election results showed him that the American people wanted them to “work together”.

I have paid very close attention to the recent trending of the American electorate and I have not seen anything that tells me the American people want Republicans to work with Democrats.  (Had frustration with the two parties refusing to work together been the issue, Independents would have been elected in droves.)  What I saw was a historical mandate from the people to their legislators to cut spending, cut the size and scope of government, reduce waste, stop earmarking, reduce taxes, reduce government control and ownership of the private sector, repeal Obamacare, shrink the deficit, and reform entitlement programs. 

If the Democrats do not want to do those things, then push them aside and advance these agenda items as far as possible during the next two years and throw out another historical number of legislators, including Republicans with the same impaired assessment skills as the President, in 2012.  And while you’re at it, send President Obama back to Illinois, or Hawaii, or wherever.  I suspect that a number of Democrats and hard-of-hearing Republicans may get the message before then. 

The message is clear, crystal clear.  It is time to gut the recently-enacted, but apparently still unread, Health Care Reform legislation, without apology.  The American people in poll after poll simply do not want it.  It is time to reduce the federal employee rolls by a substantial margin and realign their pay and benefits to a more private sector agreeable amount.  It is time to reform and reduce the federal tax burden to stimulate jobs.  (How many times do we have to do this for the Democrats to learn how simple economics works?)  It is time to stop spending so much money in Washington and allow States to do what the Founders intended for them to do.  It is time to reform and re-actuarialize Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security so they can be viable for the long term.  It is time to balance the federal budget and pay down the deficit.  It is time to stop buying our energy from countries that hate us and empower domestic energy production.  It is time for the federal government to get out of the education business and allow States to enact real reform within.  It is time for term limits.  Not in twenty years, but now.

It is time to stop talking about this and get on with it.  This is what the American people are sick of.  Talk and no action.

If Republicans wish to carry out the mission they have been given, they need to remove the word “compromise” from their dictionary and, in its place, add the phrase, “we won”.  Failure to comply will result in another “cleansing” of the Legislative Temple at all levels.  In a representative republic, the people will eventually get what they want.   

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Congress, you have one year.


2 Responses to “Get Your Hearing Checked, Quick!”

  1. John Says:

    Jeff – Well said.
    The Declaration stated:
    That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.
    November 2010 altered it. 2012 has the possibility to excise the Executive, another third of the Senate and all the deaf house. After 2012, should the people be ignored further, the abolition point should be closely analyzed. 1776 worked well. Perhaps the Tree of Liberty needs nourishment again.

  2. Jeff Hartline Says:

    I prefer ballot box “revolutions”. But so did the Founders. They did attempt the Olive Branch Petition and history shows us how that worked out.

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