Fundamental Disagreements – Part Two

Political discourse is in precipitous freefall as of late.  The “lame duck” 111th Congressional leadership has become a 24/7 cascade of sound bites, demagoguery, and posturing.  One would have thought that the historic November elections would have created some consensus among Democrat lawmakers that the people had wearied of their policy goals and emboldened those on the right to proceed with a “people-directed” agenda.  These people are not as smart as Bill Clinton.

In the first two weeks, we have seen the President act as if the electoral “shellacking” never took place.  With the same leadership team being returned to the “shellacked” Democrats, the push continues for the same economy-killing game plan that has plagued the past four years of Democrat Party dominance in the Congress.  As unemployment rose again in November to 9.8%, and lawmakers on the left clamored for another year of unemployment benefits (this would make thirty-six months of payments to individuals to do no work), small businesses waited in the wings for some kind of consistent tax policy to be enacted.

American businesses once prided themselves on crafting one-year, two-year, even five-year plans for growth.  With the U.S. corporate tax rate the second highest in the world (behind Japan, and you can see their economy is no great shakes), entrepreneurs are taking their capital, and jobs, offshore in order to be able to forecast future profits.  The Far East has become a fertile business climate because, as Steven Winn put it, “they don’t change the rules every five minutes.”

This kind of ideological tenacity from the left can only be explained by an evangelistically-cemented belief that everything would just be alright if government could confiscate more money from the “rich”.  We have been pummeled by Nancy Pelosi’s contention that the continued tax cuts could not be “paid for” (now that’s an interesting concept) and the result would be a $700 billion hole in the deficit.  It apparently has not occurred to Ms. Pelosi that such a fate could be avoided by means of a $700 billion or more cut in fiscal 2011 spending.  Oh, no!  That could not possibly happen!

Here are some other Democrat Party solutions.

Got a big illegal alien problem?  Democrats say, “Pass the Dream Act.  Just make citizens out of the 2,000,000 or so dependent children born to illegals in the U.S., thus allowing them to bring their families already here and still out of country into the country, providing us an additional 10,000,000 votes per election cycle and a permanent Progressive majority for decades to come.  Now, that’ll put a stop to illegal immigration.” 

Need a military with better morale and cohesiveness?  Democrats say, “Populate the services with openly gay soldiers.  Never mind what the Chiefs of the Services think.  Never mind what the soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen think.”

Got a couple of crazy dictators trying to develop nuclear weapon?  Democrats say, “Agree to decrease our nuclear stockpiles while allowing the Russians to enlarge theirs, continue to enable the Iranian program, and unilaterally agree to turn our backs on our allies and give up our missile defense capabilities.”

Sorry, I got off-track.  It is so easy to do these days. 

Fact is, government cannot create wealth, it can only destroy it.  Government cannot create jobs, it can only provide the civic laboratory for the free market to create them.  Government cannot force people to be productive, it can only give them the assurance that their hard work and playing by the rules will result in an increase in wealth and opportunity for their employees.  Government hiring has blown a hole in the competitive marketplace, resulting in unprecedented increases in salaries and benefits, nearly double that of the private sector. 

The fundamental disagreement is that Progressives believe all wealth belongs to the government and it is their job to decide how much of it they think productive citizens should keep.  This number is decided upon by factoring the trillions they wish to allocate to unproductive individuals who will be in a dependent position towards them for a lifetime, thus solidifying a massive dependent voting bloc forever.  Once that benevolent number is decided upon, additional inefficient programs must be organized and manned by thousands more federal, unionized, workers, whose dues will enrich the coffers of massive union organization who will then contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to Democrats in order to provide them with more workers, ad nauseum

As a result,  the “rich” must be squeezed for the perpetual tax increases, thus causing them to lay off workers, thus increasing unemployment, thus decreasing tax revenues, thus increasing unemployment insurance payouts, thus requiring more borrowing or monetizing the debt, thus creating economic crises that the Democrats must come in and take more power, money, and influence to solve.  It’s a pretty slick program;  just crash the greatest economic system in the history of the planet for your own personal benefit.

While Democrats have been repeating the same old worn out phrases, drug gangs on our southern border have increasingly been killing American citizens; 12,000,000 illegals are populating our prisons, establishing gangs in our cities, stressing our social benefits structure, putting hospitals out of business due to overflowing emergency rooms and unreimbursed care, sending education costs skyrocketing; insiders have been leaking  250,000 secret Defense and State Department memos; while the President has declared useful coastal areas off-limits,  we have continued to buy most of our energy from people who hate us and are using the money to prop up Iranian nuclear weapons development and to train insurgents to kill our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan; and our public schools continue to fail us and our children. 

The wealth of the American people belongs to them to be used as they choose.  They recently chose to keep more of it and send less to Washington and every state capital.  Elected officials must do with less.  This is what American businesses are doing.  This is what American households are doing.  This is what American non-profits are doing.  Government is not excused.  In fact, once government spends less, gets out of debt, and restores faith with the American people, this economy will get into overdrive.

Here’s a plan for Democrat lawmakers.  Remember that “car” the President keeps talking about that the Republicans ran into the ditch?  Well, you guys have been driving it for four years and it is out of gas, has a burned up engine, a ruined transmission and torn seat covers.  Your “car” is not getting us anywhere.  On November 2nd, the American people junked your jalopy and requested a full size upgrade. 

So, for the next two years, move aside and let the Conservatives steer this citizen-mobile down the freeway to financial recovery.  If you guys will cooperate, we’ll let you ride shotgun.


2 Responses to “Fundamental Disagreements – Part Two”

  1. John Says:

    As usual, you hit the nailS right on their headS. Keep a couple of thoughts in mind, though.
    No one over the age of 30 has any doubt about the politics of Pelosi.
    No one who paid attention during the campaign should be surprised by Obama.
    Saul Alenski said, in Rules for Radicals, the chapter on “The Education of an Organizer” that “…. the basic difference between the leader and the organizer …. The leader goes on to build power ….. The organizer finds his goal in creation of power for others to use.”
    Obama was, as his major life experience, a “community organizer”. My father was a “social organizer” in the Texas Communist Party and I was fortunate to see the CPUSA from the inside from about age 12. My dad was a Herb Philbrick type who worked for the FBI.
    Obama has continued his organizing from the White House without noting the results. He even ignored, at first, the election results this year. He has failed the transition from organizer to leader. His decision to cave to the conservatives in the tax cut extension has knocked the props from the progressives. But the conservatives failed the test, too. 130 billion for 13 months more unemployment. There are, as you say, about 12,500,000 illegals in this country. There are also about 13,800,000 unemployed. Coincidence?
    We are making inroads. Pelosi’s complaint of the $700 billion “cost” of the “tax cuts for the richest two percent” is, by the way, over 10 years. I make that $70 billion a year. And it’s not a “cost” unless you spend it in deficit mode.
    The best figure I can come up with for a 2011 budget is $3.8 TRILLION. $70 Billion is 1.84 percent of the whole budget. The estimate for the deficit is $1.5 TRILLION. The $70 billion is less than 5% of that.
    Have you looked at what the Congress itself costs to run. Besides the $174,000+ a year that representatives receive as salaries, each gets 1.5 MILLION a year for expenses from postage to mileage from DC to his home. The highest-costing representative i can find is a non-voting delegate from Puerto Rico. Do you know the mileage from DC to American Samoa?
    They are complaining about the mote in the budget and ignoring the beam in their collective eye. The direct, on-budget cost of the congress approaches $1 billion dollars, if they don’t pass a bill.
    They’ve abrogated power to the Executive willy-nilly, and that’s not just the Democrat party. Republicans did it as well. We need a conservative surge in the war against progressivism. Read Alinsky and compare it to Obama’s actions.
    Keep in mind that he doesn’t work for the FBI like my dad did. The FBI, DOJ, DOD, FCC, DHS and the other alphabet agencies work for Obama. It’s scarier than when GHW Bush and Andropov were the heads of the USA and USSR at the same time. They were also heads of the Komityet Gosudarstvennoy Besopastnostiy (KGB) and the CIA at the same time.
    In 2012, if there is an election (see the Emergency Powers Act), we can purge more progressives from the Senate than were vulnerable in 2010 or will be in 2014. Depending on the economy and other things, conservatives will control the House and Senate in January 2013.
    Sorry for the dump, but I needed to vent.

  2. Jeff Hartline Says:

    Not a problem. Facts are stubborn things, are they not?

    We must keep the people who have been paying attention focused on the actions of the incoming Congress and stir up millions more to pay attention during the next eighteen months.

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