Fiddling While The Nation Burns

In typical fashion for a person way over his head, President Obama has spent his weeks since the November “shellacking” (sp.?) doing everything but attending to the real problems of the country.  In the wake of the elections, Obama fled the people he had just pushed off the cliff and rode Air Force One off to Asia with a massive entourage to spend hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for his personal aggrandizement.  Now that’s a statement for the Middle Class he claims to champion.

In the midst of prosecuting two wars, the President revitalized the “don’t ask, don’t tell” debate over homosexuals openly serving in the military.  I guess he was “community organizing” while President Clinton was busy getting a black eye on this in the 1990’s.  Hopefully, the Marine Commandant will prevail in this discussion rather than those pushing this “social experiment” on the mightiest fighting force in the Universe.

With nuclear threats continuing to rise from North Korea and Iran, Obama began to push ratification of the START nuclear treaty he “negotiated” with the Russians.  This treaty cedes our nuclear superiority to a nation that has never told the truth in its history with us in nuclear agreements and leaves our current nuclear capability in aged shambles.  Worst of all, the treaty requires limits on our missile defense capability.  This coming on the heels of vacating our agreements with Eastern Europe by pulling out of defensive commitments to the Czech Republic and its neighbors. 

With unemployment continuing to rise and the nation’s small businesses holding on to their cash in the wake of expiring favorable tax policy, Obama pontificated about not giving tax cuts (more demagoguery since these are not cuts, but a refusal to raise taxes) to the wealthy prior to the elections.  Whooops!  Now that the reality of the rejection of his agenda coming fully in his face, he has done an about face on the “Blue Dogs” and agreed to the continuation of the tax rates.  The President has had two years to deal with this and has waited to the very last minute.  What a surprise!  Some think he will move to “the middle” now.  I don’t think he knows where the middle is.

With our public schools delivering a substandard result, he decides to make sure that there is no junk food in the cafeterias and issues an unfunded mandate to State School Budgets to increase spending on free food for children.  How about the “junk results” the American people are putting up with?

With illegal immigration breaking the back of every economic stratum in the nation, Obama decides to push the Dream Act, granting citizenship to millions of illegals and allowing them to bring additional illegal family members to further deplete already strained financial resources designed for citizens.

This isn’t just fiddling.  It looks to be more like pouring gasoline on the fire.

Once 2011 comes, he will be blaming everybody but himself for the mess he has created.  The good news is that the new Republican House will be seated soon to start putting out the fires Obama has set and new Republican Senators will get to work reversing the policy mistakes of the past two years.  Even better;  23 Democrat Senators up for re-election in 2012 will be forced to come along with the will of the people or they will follow their defeated colleagues to the showers.  Lastly, redistricting in states just taken over by Republican majorities will provide additional federal House seats in 2012 and more state General Assembly seats as well.  Looking forward to Christmas 2012!


2 Responses to “Fiddling While The Nation Burns”

  1. John Says:

    Jeff, you got the spelling right. But you spelled out the list of Obama-fails even better than shellacking.

    I do not understand this President’s lack of insight regarding the People. Not only did he abandon his own kind (progressives) on his trip to Asia, but now he’s in the news as “delaying his one-month Hawaiian vacation” because of the pending Congressional votes. Another vacation? He must need a rest from all that b-ball.

    58% of Marines serving in combat roles are against the repeal of DADT. For me, as a retiree from the Senior Naval Service (the Navy), that’s a definite reason not to repeal.

    With regard to our nuclear arsenal, I have some expertise in the area. Weapons designs currently active have not been modified in almost two decades. The weapons that were refurbished at Rocky Flats plant near Denver have not been since the plant was closed in 2003. Radioactive materials used in fission, fusion and combined effect devices decay at known rates. While Pu94 has a half-life approaching 250,000 years, plutonium does decay which reduces the yield of a weapon. Plutonium also oxidizes rapidly due to the heat of decay, which can affect critical volume. Critical volume and critical mass are related to the effectiveness of Plutonium as the trigger for thermonuclear devices. The W88 trigger has not been manufactured since 1992. All of the newest Plutonium triggers are approaching 20 years old. We truly do not know whether a good deal of our arsenal will achieve a thermonuclear yield. Putin, however, has just placed strategic nuclear weapons development and anti-missile systems as the two of the Russian Federation’s four most important goals for the near future. And none of what he speaks about is covered in the new START.

    Obama-speak: Middle – adjective applied to policies that advance Obama’s power and control.

    I truly believe that the junk food in schools initiative indicates that Michelle realy wears the pants in that family. In that case, the President is ensuring that the couch in the Quarters is not where he sleeps.

    Progressive policy requires taht they produce more voters. This is an easy path to registering to vote as a Democrat. Although, for decades, the path through military service to citizenship has existed under the law. That piece will now be modified such that it will not be required, so that waivers can be granted in cases where military service would present a personal hardship.

    I hope the Republican walk the conservative walk to go with their conservative talk. Boehner seems less than firm on his policies. McConnell seems to be keeping his word. But the compromise that grew is not an extension of the current tax rates. Compromise with a pay-go rule violation does not show stiff spine in the Republicans. McConnell said, when asked about his earmarks stated that they had been requested “before the pledge”.

    I will remain hopeful until January. I’m 69 in February. I do not intend to see the Republic die before I do.

    I should not have voted for CeCe in the primary.

  2. Jeff Hartline Says:


    As usual, you bring a real measure of information and passion to your posts. These issues are so “in our face”, it seems silly to have to even talk about them. But we will continue to do so. And thanks for your vote of confidence.

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