Crocodile Tears

This past week, I thought the entire Democrat Party House Leadership had changed parties and begun advocating for the future of America rather than their own individual “vote-securing” Progressive womb-to-tomb socialist agenda.  Alas, I was wrong.

Why did I think this?  For hours, their members mounted the House platform to endlessly demagogue about the deficit and the Senate-passed extension of the tax cuts enacted by President Bush in 2002.  With increasing passion, they moaned about the hundreds of billions the bill was going to add to the deficit and how our children and grandchildren would be saddled with more debt they could not possibly repay.  Have they now joined the Tea Party?

You may ask, “how is this possible?”  You see, as long as any of their adopted constituency groups are somehow being punished, they reserve the right to demagogue anything. 

This display was so hypocritical as to almost be silly to mention.  But mention it, I will.  Where were these same people over the past four years when the Congress was doubling the deficit under Democrat Party leadership?  They call this bill a trillion-dollar bill?  I am not sure you can define the cost of a bill by including the federal treasury “losing” the increased tax revenue.  If the bill had not been up for termination, would we have complained about the fact that we did not put a tax increase bill on the floor as being a deficit-busting fumble?

Fact is, any move to starve the federal budget of more money is seen by Marxist-Progressives in the Democrat Party (and there are a lot of them) as negative for their constituency groups.   You know, the ones who depend upon the continued increases in free money from the growing minority of Americans who actually pay income taxes. 

These are the same people who were hiding until the last-minute their desire to pile on another $9 billion in earmark spending and blow another trillion into the budget.  By the way, that’s the budget they failed to pass during the entire previous year, too frightened to take a stand prior to the November elections.  How’d that work out for them, huh?

These are the same people who held up the Dream Act, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the START Treaty until the Lame Duck session, trying to hold the Christmas Holidays hostage to their shenanigans.  I get it, the American people get, and the starry-eyed voters who put these clowns into office will get it before 2012.  Their pathetic crocodile tears are falling onto dry ground.  Boo-hoo.


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