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Education in TN – part IV

January 29, 2010

Where Do We Go From Here? – final in a series of 4

The Tennessee gubernatorial candidates for were recently asked for specific actions to improve education in Tennessee. Mayor Haslam: focus renewal efforts on inner city schools. McMillan: evaluate teachers on achievement gains by students and not test scores. State Sen. Kyle: universities should graduate students, not enroll them. Lt. Gov. Ramsey: need more Charter Schools and homeschooling. Gibbons: provide full scholarships for those planning to teach. Rep. Wamp: study “Best Practices” as we consider reform. McWherter: see teaching as a noble profession.

I guess I took a lot of notes. Actually, it reminded me a lot of school.



Is this district truly unwinnable?

January 19, 2010

As I sit in the living room with my family, taking a break from emails, meetings, blog postings, and many other tasks, I cannot help but feel extremely proud of our nation tonight.


The Mood of Massachusetts

January 18, 2010

Even before the governor’s races in New Jersey and Virginia were held, there was palpable discontent brewing in the nation over the Democrat Party’s over-reaching policies being moved through both houses of Congress.

  • The Stimulus Bill money was never fully distributed and the results reveal it as nothing more than a total waste of the taxpayers money.
  • The House and Senate attempt to take over one sixth of the economy through the Health Insurance legislation.
  • The bailout bills for auto and insurance companies leave the people with a billion dollar tab.
  • The House passed “Cap and Trade” energy legislation designed to increase energy costs for every American household.
  • It seems that the people appear to be done with this direction. We were assured this would not the case by the Democrat Party.


Welcome to Signers & Framers

January 11, 2010

Welcome to the blog.

I will be posting regularly on different issues facing our country, and how I believe the Signers and Framers of our nation would have felt. There will also be posts on current issues the S&F could never have predicted would concern our nation. (more…)