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No Turning Back

November 14, 2010

Having now demonstrated to the Democrat Left, the Obama Administration, and to themselves a resolve to see things in the country change, American voters are now charged with the task of holding the people they just elected to keep the promises they made.  This historic election is just the beginning of a return to sanity for our republic.

What next?

Rather than retreat to the recesses of our routines, we voters must now take the advantage we have achieved and push ahead aggressively to move this momentum to the next step.  How is this achieved?

Here are some suggestions.



There will never be enough boats

May 7, 2010

During the recent massive flooding in Nashville, Tennessee, the rain was so heavy and the rising waters so fast that many residents and tourists were trapped in their homes and hotels.  As First Responders both on and off duty mobilized and scattered to the most dangerous places in the area, thousands of people remained trapped by the rising waters.