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Reclaiming the birthright

April 5, 2010

I learned the bible story of Jacob and Esau as a child. The younger son, Jacob, was the momma’s boy. Esau, the older, was the he-man who hunted and brought great food home for his dad. One day Esau came in from hunting, famished. Rather than prepare a meal, he sold his “birthright” to his younger brother for a meal. This need for immediate comfort illustrates human nature at its worst. Though he wanted his birthright back, his short-sighted vision caused an irreversible consequence.


Health Care – Is there a solution? Part I

March 4, 2010

The single hottest issue in politics at the moment is Health Care in America. Many people have asked that I post on how I would work to “fix” the issue of Health Care in America, so I am attempting to do so in a series of three posts that will go up over the next few days.


Uncertainty Is The Birthplace of Liberty

February 17, 2010

We live in a time where there seem to be more questions than answers. In fact, there seem to be unanswerable questions and no answers. But things are not what they seem. You see, answers are fleeting for those who are always looking for someone else to solve their problems. Necessity truly is the mother of invention.