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There will never be enough boats

May 7, 2010

During the recent massive flooding in Nashville, Tennessee, the rain was so heavy and the rising waters so fast that many residents and tourists were trapped in their homes and hotels.  As First Responders both on and off duty mobilized and scattered to the most dangerous places in the area, thousands of people remained trapped by the rising waters.



Middle Tennessee Flooding

May 2, 2010

Over the past 48 hours Middle Tennessee has seen some of the worst flooding ever recorded in Tennessee history. In light of this, we will be taking a few days away from the blogging to focus on helping get Middle Tennessee back as close to normal as we can. It will be a long road to recovery. At this point, the rains seems to be subsiding and the work will begin.

If you are interested in helping with the task of cleaning up, or if you just want to give something, you may do so at the links below. There is no greater opportunity to show kindness to fellow Americans than a crisis like ours. I fully expect the region to work together to fix the problems created by these floodwaters. It may sound cliche’, but we are called the Volunteer State for a reason.

We will continue to pray for everyone affected by the rainstorms and flooding. However, we will be active in working to provide relief to those that need it.

If you would like to donate funds to the relief effort, the Middle TN Red Cross can be found here.

If you would like to donate time, skills, etc. you can sign up at “Hands on Nashville” to volunteer here.

The only “Special Interest” group that matters…

February 15, 2010

Observing Congress over the past thirty years has led me to a singular conclusion: The government our Signers and Framers crafted has been prostituted by men and women seeking political power by catering to the wants of special interest groups. Whether they are Defense Contractors, Big Pharma, Big Energy, Environmentalists, Trials Lawyers, Unions, Auto Manufacturing, Insurance Companies, Banks, Investment Houses, or whatever, lawmakers have voted in the interests of these constituencies because they provide them big bucks and big power.


Notes on the Tea Party convention in Nashville

February 8, 2010

The first National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tennessee concluded on Saturday night with a ringing affirmation of the nation’s founding principles and a commitment to the support of candidates who uphold these principles, regardless of party. These people are worthy of our thanks as they have stepped forward to say that our country is in need of a return to the founding principles that made us great. They have moved beyond sign waving and slogans and have planted the flag of political liberty for patriots to rally around.

Is this district truly unwinnable?

January 19, 2010

As I sit in the living room with my family, taking a break from emails, meetings, blog postings, and many other tasks, I cannot help but feel extremely proud of our nation tonight.


Welcome to Signers & Framers

January 11, 2010

Welcome to the blog.

I will be posting regularly on different issues facing our country, and how I believe the Signers and Framers of our nation would have felt. There will also be posts on current issues the S&F could never have predicted would concern our nation. (more…)