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The Constitution: Yes, it still matters.

August 3, 2010

Embattled Rep. Pete Stark recently came under fire for comments made in a Town Hall meeting in Fremont, CA. His comments drew ire from his constituents because of his condescending answers and sarcasm related to the questions asked of him. Recently, Rep. Stark made the news again when he said that, “The federal government can do most anything in this country.” Here is a link to the video.



When will we see real economic growth?

August 2, 2010

When Barack Obama ran for President in 2008, he promised “hope and change” for the American people.  What he has provided is the history-repeating tale of big government’s inability to create any job outside of a government job and to continue holding back the private sector with its baffling economic policies.  Rather than put the fiscal house in order, he got Jim Cooper to agree to a ridiculous stimulus plan that has been a sham.  He ran up the credit card to the tune of a trillion a year for a decade into the future and paid back his union buddies by stealing GM from its Bondholders and running dealers out of business at his whim.  How’s that for saving jobs?

Eighteen months into his presidency unemployment hovers just under 20% and small businesses hold into capital waiting for the next major federal bomb to drop on them.  Will it be Cap and Trade?  Will it be Amnesty?  Will it be the largest tax increase in U.S. history with the expiration of the Bush tax cuts?  The private sector has no incentive to invest, spend, create, diversify as long as the current federal government continues to take over and over-regulate private business.   While they continue to look for ways to confiscate the trillions in private capital being banked, business owners struggle to make plans for the future.

How many administrations, Republican or Democrat, have to enact these limited government-control, low tax policies to prove to the policy makers on the left that they work every time they are tried, that letting taxpayers keep more of their money to pour back into the economy stimulates job creation?  The answer?  It will have to take at least one more because they just do not get it.  The American people get it.  American business gets it. Even Europe gets it.

The next economic renewal is only one election away.  American voters will go to the polls in November and teach the policy makers on the left another lesson about refusing to listen to them.  Jim Cooper has chosen to close his ears to his constituents and join the Pelosi agenda against his own voters.  During the past four years he has shown his true colors, voting for every liberty-killing budget-busting bill he could.

Some of his constituents have been paying attention.  When November arrives every America-loving, private enterprise-supporting, fiscally-conservative voter will know what he has done and how he has abandoned them to the devices of an ever-expanding centralized machine run out of the Beltway in D.C.  The cover will be pulled off of his “blue-dog” persona.  The glass will be cleaned to reveal a Cooper/Pelosi takeover machine rather than the fiscal conservative patina Cooper has been trying to sell to the 5th District.

Stay tuned. The American People will provide the economic jump-start we need on November 2nd.

The 40th Vote

July 28, 2010

I want to be the 40th vote.

Assuming the Republican Party can retain every seat it currently holds in the U.S. House of Representatives, we would regain a majority in the House by one vote if 40 new conservatives were elected in November. This is a critical number for working families across America because this number will guarantee that a conservative majority controls the checkbook, debit and credit cards for the government.


In Tennessee, it’s all about Jobs

July 27, 2010

A recent Tennessean poll revealed what many had known for some time.  Tennesseans are worried about jobs, period. Yes, health reform has been a big topic. Cap and Trade has been a big topic.  Financial reform has been a big topic.  But these issues are not as important to constituents unemployed and unable to find work.  A lost health plan, increasing energy costs though unable to pay current energy bills, and changes to bank regulations on a house account with very little in it, etc. The solution to those issues is contingent on finding and securing a job.


Cooper’s Votes to Remember

July 20, 2010

Rep. Jim Cooper, our current Representative in Washington, has long cast himself as a “Blue-Dog” conservative Democrat. In more recent memory, his voting record has moved markedly to the left and essentially placed him in lock-step with Speaker Pelosi. His “Blue-Dog” affiliation is weak at best.


Misinformation strikes again

July 5, 2010

This past weekend, an article in the Examiner quoted a couple of other candidates in the 2010 GOP Primary for Tennessee’s Fifth District Congressional election misrepresenting some of my positions. So, in order to clear things up, I put together a brief response to the article in order to make sure the voters know my positions on the issues discussed at the GOP meeting Saturday morning.


This math isn’t fuzzy, part II

June 22, 2010

A few days ago, we laid out some basic facts about the financial situation in America for our Federal Government here.

What makes this even more difficult to swallow is that although the population of the United States is more than 309 million, that number includes many children and older retirees – America has only 110 million taxpayers. This translates to a national debt per taxpayer of more than $118,000.

Remember, all of our elected representatives, Republican and Democrat, have spent this money and left you with the bill. I can personally verify that paying back money borrowed to enjoy something in the past with present dollars is not pleasant. I can testify to the pain of using currently earned dollars on old expenses.

There is no solution to the problem that is painless. Either we continue on the path of higher taxes, more spending, punishment of the producers, increased federal control of business, and excessive intervention into our daily lives, OR we make a conscious decision to make a change in our spending, saving, and personal responsibility for America’s financial situation.

Will some citizens complain about the lack of compassion because we have to reevaluate many of the entitlement programs? Absolutely. However, the reality is truly frightening. These are facts, not opinion. We are in a very deep hole as a nation. Though it feels good to spend money to do good things for people, the fact is our government can not continue to spend money it does not have because We the People can not afford to pay the bill.

Long-time incumbents like Rep. Jim Cooper, who first went to Congress in 1983 when the national debt was just $1.6 trillion have added literal trillions more in debts. The Congressional Budget Office says that the recent health care reform bill, which Rep. Cooper voted for, will add more than $1 trillion to the national debt over the next 10 years.

There are many other examples of massive overspending that are equally problematic and equally damaging to the American way of life. Business-as-usual politicians, addicted to being re-elected, have made millions of Americans dependent on federal programs for which we no longer have the money to support. There is no painless way out of this crisis but perhaps there is good to come from it down the road.

Perhaps by slashing funding for many of the federal programs we can encourage our citizens to look more to their state and local governments to address community needs. Perhaps our churches and community organizations will become more engaged with local needs. Perhaps our citizens will get out of their homes and engage their neighbors through service and participation in their local communities. Perhaps people will learn to be more self-reliant and more involved in helping their families, friends and neighbors.

This is not a dream-world. This is a very possible reality. We are going to have to make a choice very soon; either we chose a reality based on responsibility, entrepreneurship and capitalism, or we can go the way of European socialism. We have a clear picture in Greece, Russia, and other countries, of where that road leads.

Each of us has more than 42,000 reasons to vote for a real change. If you are ready to help us fight to turn America away from the coming fiscal catastrophe and head in the right direction, please join our campaign at

You Get The Same Results

June 7, 2010

When I began my Healthcare Consulting career at Jackson & Coker (now Jackson Healthcare) in the early 1980’s, my boss, Rick Jackson, often opined regarding poor performance, “If you keep doing the same thing the same way, you get the same results.”  Over the years, I have heard similar phrases used as a definition of insanity and other negative words.  But the truth is right there.  This is why we study history.


This math isn’t fuzzy

May 28, 2010

News that the national debt has now topped $13 trillion boggles the mind – and the calculator. I recently posted about the idea that numbers this massive can sometimes feel a little bit like “Monopoly Money” and be difficult to grasp. So, that begs the question; how much is $13 trillion?


The fallacy of talk versus action

May 27, 2010

Jim Cooper must think it is October as he is attempting to put on his “Blue Dog” Halloween mask once again. In a recent statement to the media, he announced his support for giving the President a power of “expedited rescission” to supposedly control spending. He lectured “members of Congress” about their inability to control earmarks and excessive spending and told them they need “parental supervision.”