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Rep. Cooper plans to vote Yay

March 21, 2010

Rep. Jim Cooper, (D-TN5) has announced his plans to vote in favor of the HealthCare Bill being considered in Washington D.C. today.

We have reached a critical moment in our history. It is time to bring reason and logic back to Congress. Please help us spread the word. We plan to defeat Jim in the fall. We need your help to let as many concerned citizens know about our campaign.

Spread the word about this blog. Spread the word about our website, twitter, and our facebook page as well. We need to grow our support as much as possible. With your help spreading our message, we will guarantee Jim a fight in November.

Thank you in advance. Contact us if you have any questions at


The only “Special Interest” group that matters…

February 15, 2010

Observing Congress over the past thirty years has led me to a singular conclusion: The government our Signers and Framers crafted has been prostituted by men and women seeking political power by catering to the wants of special interest groups. Whether they are Defense Contractors, Big Pharma, Big Energy, Environmentalists, Trials Lawyers, Unions, Auto Manufacturing, Insurance Companies, Banks, Investment Houses, or whatever, lawmakers have voted in the interests of these constituencies because they provide them big bucks and big power.


The Sanctity of Life

January 21, 2010

How Could Jefferson Have Known?

In our Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson drew upon the life experiences and scholarship of the ages by declaring “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” inalienable rights granted to man by their creator. His words were actually wiser than he was since he never freed his own slaves. His words have stood the test of time for no document since has been able to lay out the case for the rights granted to man that no man may take away.