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Why do we need Term Limits?

February 24, 2010

In the 1940’s, the American people, though they continued to vote for him, expressed concern about a President for life, Roosevelt having been elected four times. Until Roosevelt, Presidents had followed the example of George Washington and served only two terms. This was a fundamental concern of the Founders. They rejected the idea of a King. And so, the nation rallied to pass the 22nd Amendment, limiting the term of President to two elected terms. This was a missed opportunity.

In the year 2010, it is time to complete the process started by the citizens of the 20th century. By term limiting Senators and Representatives to twelve years, we can solve a multitude of problems.



The only “Special Interest” group that matters…

February 15, 2010

Observing Congress over the past thirty years has led me to a singular conclusion: The government our Signers and Framers crafted has been prostituted by men and women seeking political power by catering to the wants of special interest groups. Whether they are Defense Contractors, Big Pharma, Big Energy, Environmentalists, Trials Lawyers, Unions, Auto Manufacturing, Insurance Companies, Banks, Investment Houses, or whatever, lawmakers have voted in the interests of these constituencies because they provide them big bucks and big power.